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wooden table top tickness

Wooden Table Top Thicknesses

Wooden table tops are generally supplied in thicknesses that relate to standard thicknesses of timber planks or sheet materials. They usually come in the following thicknesses...

24/11/21 12:46

Wooden Table Tops - Types of Wood

Wooden table tops are robust, last for ages, look better with a bit of wear and can be made to match pretty much any interior design scheme. We detail the pros and cons of different types of wooden table tops including beech, ash, oak & teak as well as the benefits of veneers and engineered wood.

11/11/21 11:10

New Website Features - Oct '21

Making furniture specifying easier through innovation is part of our DNA at The Contract Chair Company. This month, we've launched another set of updates that will further improve the experience...

25/10/21 16:09

Interview with an Expert - Antimicrobial Fabrics with Ben Lewis

Recent health concerns surrounding the worldwide pandemic have generated a renewed interest in ways we can stay safe, clean and able to protect against infectious diseases- particularly within public venues and the hospitality industry....

20/10/21 10:44

10 Quick-Fire Questions with....Jordan Littler from 3Stories Design

Designing a space as successful as Goods Way, Kings Cross is by no means an easy feat. We are therefore thrilled to have Jordan Littler, Creative Director from 3Stories Design talk us through his expertise, inspiration and valuable insight for Goods Way and beyond...

20/08/21 15:53

Outdoor Wooden Table Tops

We take a closer look at why wood is the perfect choice when it comes to outdoor table tops and some of the best options available.

05/07/21 10:30

Sofa Styles for the Hospitality Industry

A look at some of the top sofa trends within the hospitality industry. A break down of each type, and how to select the right style of sofa for any purpose.

23/06/21 10:03

reclaimed wood table top

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

An informative blog analysing the pros and cons of reclaimed wood table tops for the hospitality industry, restaurant and hotel interior design.

04/06/21 16:12

Foam In Seats – Making Sitting Comfortable

The comfort of an upholstered seat comes from a mixture of: • The composition of the foam under the upholstery • The depth of the foam. • The structure under the foam.

17/09/20 17:12

Biophilic Design Explained

Biophilic design is increasingly improving our general well-being. It is perhaps unsurprising that Biophilic design is attracting growing attention.

05/08/20 10:43

Status Update (July)

Status update about our and industry recovery. ✓ Supply Chain fully up and running ✓ Lead times edging towards normality ✓ Some of us working remotely

29/06/20 09:58

Quick-ship Hospitality Furniture

The Contract Chair Co can provide many chairs, tables and stools, for quick delivery – most can be with you within a fortnight, some even more quickly.

24/06/20 14:20

Corona virus table top

How should restaurant table tops be cleaned in the COVID-19 era?

Sanitizer v soapy water? We have the answer for managers of hospitality establishments. With the expected phased opening of hospitality establishments over the summer, managers are turning their attention to measures to stop the spread of the virus, in the air and on surfaces, not least on table tops.

08/06/20 09:51

Protective Screens for Hospitality Venues

As the lockdown is eased, the UK government has announced that hospitality venues may soon be allowed to open as long as they maintain social distancing. This article gives an overview of our products which can help in adhere to new standards.

14/05/20 11:23

COVID-19 Update (April)

Our statement on COVID-19 situation update: ✓ Factories are opening ✓ Deliveries are uninterrupted ✓ We are working remotely

19/03/20 18:33

Our Top Hospitality Outdoor Furniture

Our favourite hospitality outdoor furniture including a fine selection of woven chairs & metal chairs that will get an outdoor area looking great for less.

06/03/20 07:15

Types Of Brass Table Top

The process of making a table top from a sheet of mill-finished brass will leave the raw top looking patchy and unfinished, so brass table tops need finishing after they have been fabricated.

03/02/20 08:30