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Adjustable Feet On Inox Table Bases


If you know your floor surface is going to be uneven, adjustable feet are a great way to avoid a wobbly table. A simple tweak of the feet can instantly stablise your entire table. 


Adjustable feet on Stylus Table Base

However, adding adjustable feet to some table bases may mean the screws will be visible from the top of the base plate.

This is because some table base designs - particularly older ones - have a thinner base plate and therefore the threads pass right through the base plate and are visible on the top.  While this is a less attractive outcome, this allows the use of a longer screw and therefore provides a better range of adjustment for uneven floors.

This specifically applies to most models of the Inox range of table bases, but not brushed and polished steel, corten and antique finishes as those finishes include a cover plate that goes over the cast iron base plate and will hide the screws on top.

holes in table base plate

Visible holes in table base plate

visible adjustable feet

Adjustable feet and visible screws

visible screws of adjustable feet

Visible screws of adjustable feet

If you feel this is an undesirable detail there are many other table bases which feature adjustable feet that are not visible from the top, including:

Please note that adjustable feet will not stabilise a table where:

  • the top is not fixed properly to the base
  • the base is assembled incorrectly
  • the table base has some flex in it (some budget options do!)

Alternatives to adjustable feet include self-levelling hydraulic glides such as Flat Equalizers or using a Stable Table which is a self-levelling table base. You might also consider buying a three-legged table base as these are self-adjusting by default.

A three-legged table will never wobble on an uneven floor because any set of three points is always coplanar (they all lie in the same plane).

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