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Metal edges for hospitality table tops

Metal Edging for Table Tops

Metal edging is a popular choice for table tops, but do you know what it entails and what sort of table tops it is suitable for? In this article, we will explore the different advantages and disadvantages for using metal as edging on table tops.

11/05/22 17:02

Monthly Product Update - April 22' - Sofas

This April, we are showcasing our favourite multi-seat furniture, a staple for every social gatherings - sofas! From modular sofas to sofa beds, we invite you to take a first look at our top picks. 

29/04/22 12:00

Outdoor Table Top Options

Choosing table tops for outdoor use can be a difficult task. Some materials are better in terms of aesthetics and others are more durable. In this article we will explore the ways in which these materials differ and also delve into options for each, so you might find the best one that will suit your needs.

04/04/22 15:26

Monthly Product Update - Mar 22' - Barstools

As COVID regulations ease up across the UK, we are delighted that restaurants and bars can now operate in full swing! To celebrate, we are putting a spotlight on barstools this March...

31/03/22 14:25

Creating the Ruby Hotel - Interview with Matthew Balon

We are delighted to have interviewed Matthew Balon, the Head of Design at Ruby Hotels, who tells us about his design methods, where he finds inspiration, and the up-and-coming trends for hotel interior design.

08/03/22 11:28

Monthly Product Update - Feb 22' - Outdoor Dream

This February we are showcasing some of our favourite outdoor collections, perfect for the warmer months. From sofas to lounge chairs to barstools, this furniture is hard-wearing and weather-resistant...

01/03/22 16:44

Edge Profiles for Solid Wood Table Tops

Have you selected a solid wood table top? Are you now wondering how to best approach personalising your table top edges? We've put together a comprehensive guide to help you pick out the best edge for your table top.

15/02/22 16:06

Using Flooring for Table Tops

Did you know that you can use wooden floor boards to make table tops? Increasingly, we are being asked to use solid wood floor boards and engineered floor boards to make table tops...

21/01/22 14:34

Veneered Wood Table Tops

Have you ever wondered why veneers are used instead of solid timber? Is solid wood always the best choice for your table top? In this article, we delve into everything you need to know about veneer table tops.

13/01/22 12:54

VAT Free Trade

Are you confused about whether VAT will be charged on your furniture purchase? If so, you’re not alone. In this article, we will explain when you will be able to trade with us VAT-free and when not. There are 4 typical scenarios...

14/12/21 13:03

Interview with Mike Duncalf

Designing for Aloft: Interview with Mike Duncalf

We are delighted to have interviewed, Mike Duncalf, Director at Studio Duncalf, who speaks to us about his design style, personal philosophies, and our project collaboration for Aloft London Excel hotel (part of Marriott International) in 2019 and, again, for the Docksider restaurant within the same hotel in 2021

09/12/21 15:39

latest contract furniture models

Monthly Product Update - Nov '21

Monthly Product Update '21 features a hand-picked selection of the latest contract furniture models. Short read for interior designers interested in keeping on top of the market.

30/11/21 15:37

wooden table top tickness

Wooden Table Top Thicknesses

Wooden table tops are generally supplied in thicknesses that relate to standard thicknesses of timber planks or sheet materials. They usually come in the following thicknesses...

24/11/21 12:46

Wooden Table Tops - Types of Wood

Wooden table tops are robust, last for ages, look better with a bit of wear and can be made to match pretty much any interior design scheme. We detail the pros and cons of different types of wooden table tops including beech, ash, oak & teak as well as the benefits of veneers and engineered wood.

11/11/21 11:10

New Website Features - Oct '21

Making furniture specifying easier through innovation is part of our DNA at The Contract Chair Company. This month, we've launched another set of updates that will further improve the experience...

25/10/21 16:09

Interview with an Expert - Antimicrobial Fabrics with Ben Lewis

Recent health concerns surrounding the worldwide pandemic have generated a renewed interest in ways we can stay safe, clean and able to protect against infectious diseases- particularly within public venues and the hospitality industry....

20/10/21 10:44

10 Quick-Fire Questions with....Jordan Littler from 3Stories Design

Designing a space as successful as Goods Way, Kings Cross is by no means an easy feat. We are therefore thrilled to have Jordan Littler, Creative Director from 3Stories Design talk us through his expertise, inspiration and valuable insight for Goods Way and beyond...

20/08/21 15:53

Sofa Styles for the Hospitality Industry

A look at some of the top sofa trends within the hospitality industry. A break down of each type, and how to select the right style of sofa for any purpose.

23/06/21 10:03

Foam In Seats – Making Sitting Comfortable

The comfort of an upholstered seat comes from a mixture of: • The composition of the foam under the upholstery • The depth of the foam. • The structure under the foam.

17/09/20 17:12

Biophilic Design Explained

Biophilic design is increasingly improving our general well-being. It is perhaps unsurprising that Biophilic design is attracting growing attention.

05/08/20 10:43

Quick-ship Hospitality Furniture

The Contract Chair Co can provide many chairs, tables and stools, for quick delivery – most can be with you within a fortnight, some even more quickly.

24/06/20 14:20

Corona virus table top

How should restaurant table tops be cleaned in the COVID-19 era?

Sanitizer v soapy water? We have the answer for managers of hospitality establishments. With the expected phased opening of hospitality establishments over the summer, managers are turning their attention to measures to stop the spread of the virus, in the air and on surfaces, not least on table tops.

08/06/20 09:51

Protective Screens for Hospitality Venues

As the lockdown is eased, the UK government has announced that hospitality venues may soon be allowed to open as long as they maintain social distancing. This article gives an overview of our products which can help in adhere to new standards.

14/05/20 11:23

COVID-19 Update (April)

Our statement on COVID-19 situation update: ✓ Factories are opening ✓ Deliveries are uninterrupted ✓ We are working remotely

19/03/20 18:33

Our Top Hospitality Outdoor Furniture

Our favourite hospitality outdoor furniture including a fine selection of woven chairs & metal chairs that will get an outdoor area looking great for less.

06/03/20 07:15

Types Of Brass Table Top

The process of making a table top from a sheet of mill-finished brass will leave the raw top looking patchy and unfinished, so brass table tops need finishing after they have been fabricated.

03/02/20 08:30

Our Top Hospitality Furniture Products of 2019

Our sales and account managers pick their favourite hospitality furniture products of the year, from new chairs and sustainable furniture to mixed materials & cane details. 

18/12/19 16:09


Furniture Trends 2019: Curved Sofas

In these uncertain times, everyone could use a hug from a curved sofa. This is our selection of the roundest, most comfortable offerings on the contract market.

06/12/19 11:00

International Delivery Options

Deliveries within the EU are fairly run-of-the-mill; those further afield usually take longer & are more complicated, so tend to be more expensive.

05/12/19 09:58


Furniture Trends 2019: Decorative Metal Chairs & Tables

Evocative of decorative metalwork found in French parks, gardens and bandstands and the leafy style of the Art Nouveau period, this trend is popular in fine dining outdoor terraces and the garden areas of stately cafes.

26/11/19 13:24

Furniture Highlights: Contract Sofas

We focus on our great selection of contract sofas including contract corner sofas, high back contract sofas and outdoor contract sofas.

29/10/19 12:35


Furniture Trends 2019: Swing Chairs

As the British Summers (allegedly) improve, hospitality venues are seeing greater returns from investing in their outdoor spaces & swing seats are adding an extra touch of fun.

25/10/19 11:25

Furniture Trends 2019: Patterned Tables

Frequently we're finding tables with patterned wooden and stone shapes and marble-like swirls being specified as interiors get bolder and brighter. Here's our selection of patterned table top options.

10/10/19 13:20


Award-Winning Restaurant and Bar Designs 2019

The results of the 2019 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards are in and we'd like to say a huge congratulations to all 17 of our nominated projects that we had the absolute pleasure of working on.

04/10/19 11:36


Furniture Highlights: Contract Benches

From industrial metal benches, great for co-working offices to traditional picnic tables, this is our pick of contract benches including options for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

17/09/19 12:00

stomp table-1-1

Furniture Trends 2019: Tree Trunk Tables

Tree trunk tables, as a slice or stump, serve to remind people of their connection with nature and are a push-back against the fleeting nature of synthetic materials.

08/08/19 11:11


Do Your Barstool Footrests Need Protecting?

Barstools are central to many hospitality venues. But almost all of them have one particular feature that is different to almost all chairs – they have footrests that bear the brunt of wear and tear from customers’ shoes.

23/07/19 11:45


Glides For Chairs & Why They Matter

Hard plastic or nylon glides are generally the best choice for chairs in hospitality environments but felt glides may sometimes be more appropriate. Find when to use which & watch our video on how to change chair glides.

19/07/19 10:38


Furniture Highlights: Barstool Bonanza

Our collection of the best new barstools available now. Explore indoor, outdoor, bentwood and even outdoor bentwood barstools for restaurant and hotels.

08/07/19 12:37


Connecting Table Bases To Table Tops

Tables used in the hospitality industry, most of which have pedestal bases, usually consist of two parts – the top and the base. These are often sourced from different suppliers, so it is vital to ensure that they are connected together properly.

04/07/19 15:47

Adjustable feet on table bases

Adjustable Feet On Inox Table Bases

If you know your floor surface is going to be uneven, adjustable feet are a great way to avoid a wobbly table. A simple tweak of the feet can instantly stablise your entire table. However, adding adjustable feet to some table bases may mean the screws will be visible from the top of the base plate.

28/06/19 15:10


Adding Detail With Waney Edge Table Tops

A natural-looking table edge profile is called a waney edge. Also known as a live edge, a waney edge is the outside cut of a log, with the bark removed.

20/06/19 12:15


Why Does Leather Upholstery Have Marks & Scars?

95% of leather comes from the hide of a cow; the rest is from buffaloes, but all is animal skin. As a result the grain will have fat wrinkles, insect bite marks and healed scars & scratches that have been acquired through the animal's lifetime.

13/06/19 12:38


Why Curved Shells May Need Fabric Testing For COM/COL

Curves are notoriously difficult to upholster, the inner back of some designs of curved chairs can be particularly tricky. This is because it's not as easy to stretch the fabric across the foam on a really curved inner back.

11/06/19 13:57


Table Choices: Prime Oak v Character Oak

Oak is one of the most popular choices because it has a naturally attractive grain without needing to be stained, is high quality and reasonably affordable. Oak comes in two types where table tops are concerned: European Oak & Character Oak. Here are the differences between the two.

06/06/19 16:19

Faber_The Bracebridge_LR-14-1

Designing For Fine Dining: Interview With Faber Design

Faber Design has recently completed two fantastic fine dining venues: The Oyster Club in Birmingham and The Bracebridge in Sutton Coldfield. In this short interview with Faber we explore the secrets behind successful fine dining design.

28/05/19 14:56

Furniture Trends 2019: Divided Table Tops

Splits and stacks made from mixed materials, different colours of the same or grooves routed into the top are appearing in exciting new ranges from Europe's top product designers. Tables are now divided and layered and as a result, are infinitely more interesting than ever before.

22/05/19 13:58

Getting Barstool Heights Right

Most designers are concerned with the overall seat height of a barstool, but the dimensions to and from the foot rail play a crucial role in the comfort of a barstool. We've found the following dimensions ideal for contract use.

16/05/19 16:38


Avobar: Creating A Destinational Dining Experience

The brief was to create a must-visit’ destination for health-focused millennials. To achieve this, Design LSM evoke a relaxed bohemian ambience through a beautifully crafted design. This in turn creates a visual feast for Avobar’s customers and perfectly complement the brand’s wellness offering.

10/05/19 10:35


Children's Contract Furniture

As eating out becomes a more regular occurrence for many families, beyond the occasional celebratory meal, the demand for contract furniture for children is increasing. Some establishments are boosting their family appeal by selecting a number of child height tables and chairs to give a kid-friendly focus.

30/04/19 15:34


Banquette Seating Guide

Banquettes are an excellent solution for unusual niches, can add character or quirkiness to an interior design and can be a more practical solution than individual chairs. Here is our guide to the possibilities offered by banquette seating.

26/04/19 09:24


11 Alternatives To Marble Table Tops

Marble has downsides that mean it's not the ideal material for hospitality use. This is our list of marble alternatives to consider when specifying for your projects.

18/04/19 11:40


16 Things To See At Salone Del Mobile 2019

Heading to Salone del Mobile 2019? This is our list of new and hot-off-the-factory chairs and tables to check out on your visit mixed in with a selection of exciting installations and exhibitions taking part across the city. Including pop up cafes, sustainable design & a sea of foam.

09/04/19 11:15


Furniture Trends: Orange & Terracotta Tones

Orange is great for hospitality venues as it's an energetic colour with anti-depressive properties which can create a positive atmosphere. In the '70s orange was typically paired with brown but is now found with pinks & reds in a full spectrum. We discuss our favourite orange furniture.

03/04/19 12:13

Hospitality Furniture Fire Safety Regulations

Legal fire safety requirements for contract furniture can be confusing because it's covered by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) and not the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations (FFFSR) which covers domestic use. Here is an important summary for commercial designers.

25/03/19 11:34


Furniture Trends: Round Backs On Upholstered Chairs

Round backs, particularly in super-comfortable, oversized and fully upholstered chairs are featuring prominently in new ranges. We look at our favourite products as well as the problem with curvy upholstered furniture and embark on the quest for the most comfortable chair.

18/03/19 14:23

shima_03_miljo (1)

Furniture Trends: Cross Sled Bases

Tube frames have been gaining in popularity in the past few years and are now becoming more elaborate. Here we look at sled bases with a cross component, where balance and stability combine with ornamentation to create an integral feature of the design. Sled bases also have these benefits...

11/03/19 11:48


Furniture Trends: Conical Table Bases

Conical table bases are here to elevate the humble table base and make a bold statement of the solid structure that holds the top aloft. Unmissable chunky designs, available in eye-catching finishes, these bases ensure every inch of space is fully utilised to create the desired aesthetic.

05/03/19 11:42


Tips for Specifying Fringe and Tassels on Furniture

Fringe needs to be carefully considered when specifying contract furniture; customers' clothing, zips or buttons can get stuck in the material and can result in the fringe being ripped or torn. We provide some tips, tricks & a list of our recommended suppliers.

25/02/19 14:28


Furniture Highlights: February 2019

In this edition of Furniture Highlights we showcase our new finds from IMM Cologne including some intricate table bases with mixed materials and new lightweight table tops with the option for wireless charging.

18/02/19 16:45


Never Use Sanitiser On Wooden Table Tops

The number one cause of damage to wooden table tops in hospitality spaces is the inappropriate use of harsh cleaning products including D10 Sanitiser. Sanitisers break down the chemical properties of the lacquer causing it to soften; soft lacquer will peel and is easily marked.

11/02/19 11:34


Tips for Specifying Poufs

Poufs are versatile seating options with great acoustic properties and they offer a great splash of texture or colour at a low price point. Here are our tips for specifying poufs for restaurants, hotels and bars.

04/02/19 14:29


Our Brexit Reassurance To You

With the prospect of no-deal seemingly getting more likely, we are focusing on the logistics of moving furniture from our many factories in Europe to our customers mainly in the UK, as well as sending fabrics to our factories. We offer the following reassurance on import duties.

28/01/19 11:50


3 Reasons Fabric Can Wear Thin Despite A High Martindale Count

We ask designers to use the Martindale rub count to help select fabrics that are suitable for contract use. However there are three conditions that can lead to fabric wearing out before its time, even if it has a high abrasion score. Learn more and view our recommended hard-wearing contract fabrics.

21/01/19 11:43


13 Must-See Collections at IMM Cologne 2019

Heading to IMM Cologne 2019? This is our list of new and hot-off-the-factory chairs and tables to check out on your visit. Note that products launched at the fair are often not available to buy for some months, so check with us before specifying a particular design.

14/01/19 11:30


Furniture Highlights: January 2019

New year, new chairs. This month's highlights include stylish Scandi-style furniture, great value stickback chairs, recycled table top materials and contemporary powder-coated outdoor chairs.

07/01/19 11:50


Our Top Hospitality Furniture Products of 2018

Our sales and account managers pick their favourite product of the year, from new chairs & new table top materials to timeless designs, because classics never die. We also make a few predictions for hospitality furniture trends in 2019 & look back at how accurate our predictions were for this year.

17/12/18 12:02


Experiential Nightlife: Flight Club, Puttshack & Bounce

You're planning a night out with a group of friends. You want to do something fun, interesting, different & memorable. Enter Bounce, Flight Club & Puttshack. Each concept combines state of the art gaming technology with inspired interior design to create an unparalleled night out. Peek inside.

12/12/18 11:52


Furniture Trends: Scandi Style & The Wellness Shift

Our pick of Scandi Style furniture that represents a move from clean minimalism to a softer and more colourful style. This trend goes hand in hand with the wellness shift taking place in the hospitality industry. Think natural materials, and spaces that promote healthy living and mental wellbeing.

03/12/18 12:26

Furniture Trends: Lines

If lines feature in your interior design scheme you may want the furniture to continue this theme. Here is our selection of furniture with prominent lines from woven chairs to metal frames, fluted upholstery and ribbed & corduroy fabrics.

19/11/18 12:00


Furniture Trends: Leather Upholstery on Frames

Leather upholstery on frames, or more specifically, leather that is hung or wrapped around a frame in a sling-like fashion is trending in chair design. This is often seen on frames which show the crafted joints to emphasise craftsmanship, giving a handmade and artisanal feel alongside a Scandinavian aesthetic.

12/11/18 10:35

White Marble Table Tops: Carrara, Arabescato or Calacatta?

Calacatta, Arabescato and Carrara Marble are geologically all the same. Further, they all come from the same region and as a result can look very similar. Selecting the right marble can often be confusing use our guide to decide which white marble table top you're looking for.

05/11/18 11:25

Furniture Highlights: November 2018

More new furniture than ever before is being added to the website on a daily basis and long may it continue. We now have over 3100 online products and counting. Here is a snapshot of the furniture that has been added in the past month including new samples that have been added to our showroom range.

29/10/18 11:06


Farmer J: Designing Restaurants For All-day-trade

Farmer J accommodates dine-in and on-the-go customers; the space effortlessly transitions from morning to night, week to weekend and coffee to cocktails. Discover how Biasol have merged the concept of grab-and-go with a full-service restaurant.

22/10/18 11:28


Seat Heights & Table Heights

Table base heights are often decided after a seat is selected. If you want the diner's legs to fit under the table you must leave 250-300mm of space between the top of the chair seat and the bottom of the table top. Get the correct measurements for dining, counter & poseur heights with this diagram

15/10/18 12:00


Award-Winning Restaurant and Bar Designs 2018

The results of the 2018 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards are in and we'd like to say a huge congratulations to all 18 of our nominated projects that we had the absolute pleasure of working on.

08/10/18 11:50


Treating Fabric To Crib 5 For Hospitality Use

Fabric must be able to pass three fire tests to be suitable for hospitality use. It's often necessary to treat fabrics to Crib 5 standard so they will pass these tests. We explain the factory process behind flameproofing, & the science behind the testing including why some fabrics are unsuitable.

01/10/18 11:30


Furniture Highlights: October 2018

The first arrival of new chairs for Autumn including a new table top material called Topalit with a sneak peek at new table bases on the way. Additions to classic ranges also include metal frames on the Paris & Louvre chairs, Mojo chairs now in plywood and several barstools joining the ranks.

24/09/18 11:10


10 of Our Most Instagrammable Projects

Creating Instagrammable moments is now part of architectural briefs as more restaurants vie for free publicity, social kudos & the genuine footfall created by growing quest for the perfect selfie. We highlight 10 of our most Instagrammable projects of late, from crazy golf to avocados-only with a healthy hit of floral decor & neon signage.

17/09/18 12:12


Woven Furniture - Types & Techniques

Woven furniture comes in different styles & materials. Telling them apart can often be confusing, but it's essential to know the difference, particularly if you're looking for furniture that's suitable for outdoors. Our list details the different types with an infographic showing furniture examples.

10/09/18 11:50


Creating Hotel Interiors with Home Comforts: room2 Interview

Aparthotels are on the rise but what exactly are they and why are they so appealing? We speak to room2, to discover why consumer behaviour is changing & how good hotel interior design is improving the user experience of hotels.

03/09/18 11:42


Metal Table Tops Test: Waxed v Lacquered

We undertook an experiment to test whether a waxed or lacquered finish provides the best metal table top protection. We took two brass table tops & placed different foods on them, then waited overnight to see which stains were most noticeable. We also performed a scratch test. Here are the results.

28/08/18 10:30


Avoid Using Flip Top Table Bases With Heavy Tops

Manufacturer guidance on table bases will always show the max top size they are suitable for but it's also important to consider the weight of the top. Certain tops including marble should never be paired with a flip top base, while iroko, solid core & others are only suitable with certain bases.

20/08/18 11:20


Table Tennis Tables for Offices & Student Accommodation

Why buy a contract table over a standard ping pong table? Essentially, a contract table will give you a wider choice of size and style and added flexibility of use. We explore the pros, cons and possibilities for table tennis tables in offices and student accommodation.

13/08/18 12:27


Q&A with JK: Restaurant Startup Design Tips

Opening a restaurant can be challenging, particularly with so much competition in the market. JK our Sales Director has a few quick tips for independent restaurateurs to make sure you get the most from your space. Featuring top restaurant startup challenges, layout tips & design mistakes to avoid.

06/08/18 11:35


Furniture Highlights: July 2018

Your first look at furniture so new it's not even on the website yet plus new table top materials & showroom sample showreel. These furniture highlights include some fantastic fringe trim on chairs - which is currently trending - and a wide range of fully upholstered chairs, sofas and barstools.

31/07/18 11:20


How To Source Sustainable Furniture

Sustainability is a hot topic in the current climate but if you look behind the popular ethos it's easy to get bogged down in legislation and acronyms. Here's a list of ways to improve the green credentials your furniture and a product focus on bespoke table tops made from reclaimed wood.

23/07/18 11:35

KD Arco_2440_ver-2_HR

8 Gorgeous Geometric Fabrics Suitable For Contract Use

Geometric fabric adds visual intrigue with minimal application. We look at our favourite new geometric fabrics. Fabrics include the Soraya Collection from Romo, Shapes by Panaz, Geometrics by Kirkby Design & Warwick fabrics as well as some of our showroom samples to illustrate working examples.

16/07/18 10:50


Chaise Longues: How To Avoid An Expensive Mistake

Think you know your left from your right? Everything's backwards where chaise longues are concerned. Use this diagram to make sure you order a chaise with the correct configuration and avoid making a costly error. Also featured are a few of our favourite chaises longues from our range.

09/07/18 11:16


Never Fix Metal Edging To Solid Wood Table Tops

The most important thing to know about metal edging, is that it should not be applied to solid wood tops. This is because wood tends to move naturally and this movement can cause the edging to come away creating gaps.

02/07/18 12:00


How To Specify A Chair From The Ground Up

Everything you need to know about specifying a chair in a single blog post. Well, almost. This guide will ensure you don't overlook anything when specifying for a project from glides, to pattern repeats, chair materials and more.

25/06/18 11:40


Furniture Trends: Geometric Shapes On Table Bases

Forget classic pedestal bases, table bases just got interesting. Meet the new trend of geometric shapes on table bases that combine all the stability of a classic pedestal base with added interior intrigue.

18/06/18 11:17

beatrice chairs with cage frame

Furniture Trends: Cage Frames

Cage frames are a variation of the trend in thin legs as a feature, primarily in metal but also now occurring in wood. Cage frames here are more like ornamental birdcages used to decoratively impress as well as being sturdy structures.

11/06/18 12:00


Furniture Trends: Metal Frames as a Chair Feature

Metal frames are nothing new, they're popular in the contract market because they have certain benefits, but now manufacturers are taking these benefits and making a design feature, providing function and desirability in one. Chairs featured include Gaia, Line, Mullit, Macka, Moon, Graph & more!

04/06/18 11:18


Furniture Trends: The Colour Green

Gemstone colours, particularly in lush velvet fabrics, were prevalent earlier in the year but green in particular is really shaping up to be the colour of 2018, we explore the biophilic aesthetic that's fuelling the trend. We also look at the use of the colour green in the Drake & Morgan interiors.

29/05/18 12:17

wicker sofa in blue

Furniture Trends: Cane Chairs

Last year we saw a resurgence of chairs woven from natural materials including cane, rattan & bamboo. This year the classic cane chair continues to be reworked in innovative ways. We explore why cane is great for contract furniture.

21/05/18 11:48


2 Golden Rules for Specifying Terrazzo Table Tops

Terrazzo is a popular material for hospitality design, mostly because the attractive range of colours allow for an impressive appearance at lower cost than high-end marbles, but is it suitable for contract furniture use? Watch our acid etching test video and discover important specification tips.

14/05/18 12:13


Velvet & Velour Upholstery Care & Maintenance Tips

Contrary to popular belief velvet is not a high-maintenance fabric. Despite its delicate appearance, the fabric is well suited to contract use with regular cleaning. The biggest problem with velvet is that it is a dust magnet and that is can crease or 'bruise' but this is easily fixed, find out how.

07/05/18 11:30


Furniture Highlights: Bespoke Table Tops

After something more exciting than another character oak table top? We've been hunting around and asking our suppliers to provide us with some interesting and unique alternatives. Here are the best table tops we've sourced in the past month.

30/04/18 09:53


Lost & Found Interview with Concorde BGW

A key component to the success of the Lost & Found collection lies in the unique branding that informs the interior design. Each bar is headed by its own Victorian professor a fictional personality with their own set of intriguing possessions and pastimes; We chat to Concorde BGW about the design.

23/04/18 11:30


Chairs to See at Salone del Mobile Milano 2018

It's time for the biggest furniture show of the year. Milan Design Week is full of inspiring exhibitions and new collections. Here's a taster of the delights on show including new furniture from Artifort, Armet, KFF & Emu as well as the must see Corallo tram installation & a 3D printing exhibition.

12/04/18 11:50

Clerkenwell Grind

Furniture Trends: Thin Metal Legs in Brass or Gold

The fashion for industrial design is now being phased out in favour of a more comfortable style of furniture. Part of this transition is seeing metal frames with rough and ready finishes transform into a more elegant and even decadent style. We look at Clerkenwell Grind & Omar's Place as examples.

09/04/18 11:29


Cast Iron Furniture Care and Maintenance Tips

Cast iron furniture is heavy, durable, and resilient so it's often specified for outdoors, but it can have a rough surface that's difficult to clean & can rust. Protect iron furniture by applying a suitable proprietary wax such as spray-on 'North Woods - One Touch Wonder Wax' once in a while.

03/04/18 11:43


Furniture Highlights: March 2018

Our pick of the best new chairs we've encountered in the past month featuring a collection of fine furniture personalities fit for any venue; from sophisticated gents to cheap and cheerful chappies. This month includes Norma, Isole, Demoiselle, Magnum, Bi20S, Cloud sofa, La Isla, Tempest & America chairs.

28/03/18 15:36


6 Dazzling Hospitality Interiors With Geometric Patterns

The popularity of geometric patterns is tied to a resurgence of retro & the mid-century modern aesthetic but they are a fantastic way to add visual intrigue with minimal amount of application. This is particularly good if you're trying to create an Instagram-able venue on a tight budget.

26/03/18 12:00


Glass Tables Care and Maintenance Tips

Glass tables are simple to clean and maintain and are very strong. But if a glass surface is hit on its edge it can easily shatter. Here are our tips for getting the longest life from your glass tables.

19/03/18 11:54


8 Stunning Botanical Velvet Fabrics

As the maximalism trend blazes on, velvet upholstery is becoming more popular than ever. We've compiled a list of our favourite botanical velvet fabrics that provide a decadent luxury worthy of the Palace of Versailles. Featuring Black Edition by Romo, GP & J Baker fabric and Panaz collections.

12/03/18 11:22


Furniture Trends: Decadent Comfort

Over the past year there's been a definite trend towards decadent comfort. Fully upholstered chairs, deep seating and extra comfort, particularly using luxuriant materials. Often with accentuated stitching, fluted and button-back upholstery, piping or studding details and metal caps on chair legs.

05/03/18 11:53

Loafer Armchair

Furniture Highlights: February 2018

The best new additions to our website in the past month featuring a treasure trove of products launched at IMM Cologne. Think velvet upholstery, metal legs and marble. Highlights include:Pavilion, Lato Norm & Loafer, which are made to Scandi perfection and outdoor beauties: Lagarto, Olivo & Rimini.

28/02/18 16:15


Ideas For Your Office Breakout Area

The key question when planning a breakout area in your space is: What do you want to achieve from your breakout area? Here are some breakout design ideas including soft areas, one-to-one booths, hot desking areas, quiet areas, social areas with furniture such as sofa dens, modular furniture & poufs.

26/02/18 11:59


Synthetic Materials Furniture Care & Maintenance

Synthetic materials tend to be tough and non-porous, so are easy to clean and will not harbour bacteria or mildew. However, they are generally susceptible to being scratched. There are many man-made materials used for furniture, with varying qualities. Some are tougher than others, all tend to be stable.

19/02/18 11:58


Sustainable Furniture: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Creating sustainable furniture depends on legislation, type of materials used, logistics & waste & some of the designs are prettier than others! Green chairs usually include a headline product, which may be recycled or a waste product. Discover the Alhambra Eco Side Chair & the Zartan Raw Chair.

12/02/18 10:46


Things To Consider Before Buying Bespoke Furniture

We supply many types of bespoke furniture but take care, bespoke furniture will tend to take longer than range products, read this blog before committing. We give some guidelines for bespoke metalwork, upholstery, dining chairs, table tops and combinations of materials from different suppliers.

05/02/18 11:28


How Bespoke Furniture Is Made

Watch the video to see our supplier manufacture a bespoke low stool and see the finished product at home in the Everyman Cinema in Stratford-upon-Avon. The stool was constructed from a mild steel cage-style base, blackened to a natural finish & fitted with a domed seat pad upholstered in leather.

29/01/18 11:37


21st Century Furniture Trends

Since 2000 there have been numerous furniture trends, some longer-lasting than others. These are the ones that we recognise: contemporary classic, design classics & poseur tables, plastic chairs, eclectic layouts. Then came a fashion for interesting table tops & the latest major trend, retro.

22/01/18 11:37

imm_18_006_005 (1)-918977-edited.jpg

5 things we're excited about at IMM Cologne 2018

It's that time of year again, where we look to Cologne for interior design inspiration. Here's a light taster of some of the delights on show this year including the Light of the Abyss installation by Emu, the Structures exhibition by Kvadrat, Fl@t chair by Tonon, & Lucie K's Chips chair for Ton.

15/01/18 09:00


Furniture Highlights: January 2018

Our pick of the best chairs we've added to our website in the past month including a contemporary selection of waiting room furniture and lobby lounge chairs.

11/01/18 16:12


Furniture Styles Infographic

A handy infographic explaining furniture styles with images and descriptions. Discover the difference between Industrial, Bentwood, Vintage, Scandinavian, Reclaimed, Ethnic furniture, Organic Forms and Classic Designs with pictorial examples of each.

08/01/18 10:47


Furniture Styles by Era

A handy guide to furniture styles by era with pictorial examples, synonyms and definitions. Discover the difference between Traditional Furniture & Early 20th Century Furniture, see examples of popular Mid-Century style chairs & differentiate between Timeless and Contemporary terms.

02/01/18 12:17

Ava Chairs in The Swan Hotel Southwold

Top 10 Hospitality Furniture Products of 2017

A roundup listicle of the top 10 most viewed furniture on our website in 2017 with a few furniture trend predictions for 2018 which include a revival of chrome, copper and rose gold, more metal frames and capped feet, and a continuation of retro designs in velvet we've been seeing this year.

19/12/17 11:50

Leather Upholstery Care & Maintenance

Because leather is vulnerable to staining, finished leather is usually coated with both a colouring pigment and a clear protective layer. These provide significant extra protection making leather suitable for contract furnishing. Leather upholstery can have natural scars and is susceptible to stretching and bagging.

18/12/17 12:17


The A-Z of Contract Furniture Terms

Do you know your aris from your ogee and just what is a splat? Find out in our glossary of contract furniture terms. These terms are frequently used in the contract furniture industry. New terms often appear with new trends or innovative production methods and will be added to the list when we encounter them.

11/12/17 10:58

Contract Upholstery Care: Seating Fabric Cleaning Cheat Sheet

Different types of seating fabric are used on contract upholstery & while most can be cleaned with warm water and detergent, stubborn stains will need specific treatment. We look at the best cleaning techniques for nylon, polyester, wool & cotton fabric when upholstered on furniture.

05/12/17 11:37


Furniture Highlights: New Tricks Edition

Furniture highlights featuring chairs now available with different upholstery options including button-back, piping & studding and some interesting new finishes. The playful Iola chair is a staff favourite, while we predict Lana & Alissa collections are going to be popular buys for restaurant interiors.

30/11/17 09:17


Contract Upholstery, Sofas & Soft Seating: 25 Points to Consider

Here are 25 points to consider that will affect the speed of delivery, lifespan, and overall design and feel of contract upholstery, sofas and soft seating. Tips include dimensions, fabric qualities and quantities, leather and hide ordering cushion conumdrums and the varying scope of seat softness.

27/11/17 11:06

Aluminium Chair Care & Maintenance

Aluminium chairs are light-weight, strong and resistant to corrosion, however, aluminium surfaces oxidise so furniture is often given a protective coating. Wax aluminium furniture using Collinite Metal Wax if it starts to dull. For a glossy appearance, you can use Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish.

20/11/17 10:17

Brass, Copper & Zinc Table Tops: Care and Maintenance Tips

Brass, copper & zinc table tops have surfaces which quickly tarnish, forming a distinctive layer, or patina. Here are the best cleaning methods. The patina increases over time and reacts with liquids and other materials to create a distinct aesthetic. Brass will tarnish quicker if exposed to heat.

06/11/17 11:05

Restaurant Table Tops: Marble, Metal & More!

Wood is often chosen for restaurant table tops but there are plenty of other options to choose from. Some are hard wearing but less attractive, while others are beautiful but brittle or easily tarnished. Here's a rundown of restaurant table top options including marble tables, metal tables and more.

30/10/17 11:58


Stainless Steel Furniture Care & Maintenance

All stainless steel will stain and discolour without proper maintenance and cleaning. Don't use strong abrasive cleaners, use steel wool, steel brushes or other cleaning materials that contain steel as these can all cause rust. . Here's how to care for your stainless steel furniture properly.

23/10/17 09:51

Wooden Table Top Planks & Strengthening

Wooden table tops are generally made of planks of wood. These planks can have varying widths, giving the ability to make custom designs & can be reinforced with batons. Discover why open ended planks are used for outdoors, & why the direction of planks is important when joining tables together.

16/10/17 10:17


5 Award-winning Restaurant and Bar Designs

The results of the 2017 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards are in. We'd like to say congrats to these five winning restaurant and bar designs that we had the pleasure of working on: The Kitty Hawk, The Lost & Found Knutsford, Clerkenwell Grind, Chiswick Fire Station & Nandos Kitchen Putney.

12/10/17 10:40

Painted and Powder-Coated Furniture Care

Here's our brief guide to paint and powder-coated furniture care to help you get a longer life from your hospitality furniture. Do you know the difference between the two? Paint is less robust than powder-coatings, and so painted surfaces often are protected with a layer of lacquer/varnish.

09/10/17 10:07


Furniture Highlights: October 2017

Top picks of furniture that's caught our eye in the past month, including a focus on some beautiful side chairs, new versatile ranges & unique metal finishes. Featuring the 2259 side chair, the Candy lounge chair, the Coco side chair, the Lisboa woven chair, the Aston range and the Wing side chair.

03/10/17 11:00

Wooden Table Tops: Finishes & Effects

As well as oil, stain & lacquering, certain surface effects like bandsawn, limed, fumed & charred are now applied to wooden table tops to achieve an impressive & unique style. See our standard oil & stain shades & learn different sheen levels possible when applying a lacquer to a wooden table top.

02/10/17 10:20

Chrome Furniture Care and Maintenance

Chrome is a resilient coating, typically electroplated to mild steel to protect it from rust & improve its look. However, chrome scratches easily. Don't use abrasive cleaners & don't use chrome furniture outdoors if it's not specified for outdoor use; chrome surfaces are susceptible to rust if wet.

25/09/17 12:00


Tips For Specifying Bar Stools

Here's a quick rundown of important points to consider before specifying bar stools for a venue. We list the differing seat heights for low stools, kitchen stools and bar heights and discuss base options as well as weight, kickbacks & stacking possibilities. Do you need a return mechanism? Find out!

18/09/17 11:59

Stone Furniture Care: Marble, Granite, Quartz, Terrazzo

Stone is durable, but also porous. The more porous it is, the more likely it is to stain. Here are our guidelines for stone, concrete & marble furniture care. Learn about acid etching which is hard to prevent, though applying sealants regularly will delay the formation of a patina.

11/09/17 12:29


Furniture Highlights: Coffee Table Edition

Top picks of the furniture that's caught our eye in the past month, including a focus on coffee tables, some elegant beech chairs and a parade of elephants. From Code, Rio, Peyote, Laser, Billy & Sting tables to Sun, Moon, Lund, & Time chairs, there's plenty of new furniture inspiration for all.

05/09/17 09:35


Chair Robustness & Furniture Testing

Durability is an important feature of hospitality furniture. You can protect chairs from damage as well as undertake furniture testing for robustness. Do you know your FIRA from your Martindale rub count? And which glides will you need for a specific type of flooring. All is revealed inside.

04/09/17 11:30

Wooden Furniture Care & Maintenance

Wooden furniture care and maintenance is generally similar across different types of wood, but different finishes do need different approaches. Almost all contract furniture made of wood has either a lacquer or a seal applied to it knowing which is extremely important before you begin cleaning.

28/08/17 11:00

Pros & Cons of Different Dining Chair Materials

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the most common types of dining chair materials used in hospitality settings. Which will suit your needs best? Metal, wood, plastic and upholstered chairs all have different pros and cons when used in hospitality spaces find out more.

21/08/17 11:00

17 Common Causes of Contract Furniture Damage

Caring for and correctly maintaining your furniture could and should add years to its life. Looking after furniture also requires a positive approach; problems should be addressed immediately and furniture should be kept clean – a regular wipe tends to be better than an occasional scrub.

14/08/17 10:15


Suggesting Products

Even though we have thousands of products on our website with different customisations, sometimes this still isn't enough! If, after browsing through our extensive range, you still can't find exactly what you're looking for, but know exactly what you want, now you can add it with this feature.

11/08/17 13:34


The European Furniture Industry - What's Made Where & Why?

Find out why the European furniture industry supplies most of the hospitality furniture to designers, restaurants and hotels in the UK and discover why you shouldn't buy contract furniture from Asia and the Middle-East. A map of Europe also shows where the major furniture manufacturers are based.

07/08/17 12:01

Furniture Highlights: August 2017

The best new furniture from the past month with great value alternatives to popular design choices and some student accommodation faves. Virginia, Bloom, Uni-Ka & Flux chairs feature with Skid, the lounge chair & pouf that's cool as ice, & Lana, the Scandi style range with a dipped back.

01/08/17 11:39

What Top? Types of Wooden Table Tops

Wooden table tops are robust, last for ages, look better with a bit of wear and can be made to match pretty much any interior design scheme. We detail the pros and cons of different types of wooden table tops including beech, ash, oak & teak as well as the benefits of veneers and engineered wood.

01/08/17 10:58


Table Top Edge Profiles

Most solid wood & stone table tops can be finished with your choice of edge profile. Our diagram shows many of the most popular table top edge profiles. We also give details of waney edges & metal edge options including copper, brass & steel and styles of application such as trim, band & overlay.

01/08/17 10:42


Outdoor Furniture Care

A bit of extra care will allow your outdoor furniture to look for longer. Plastic furniture, woven furniture, metal furniture, teak furniture and outdoor cushions all have different care requirements. Make sure you know which you need as some products can be damaging to certain materials.

01/08/17 10:36


Hotel Furniture Buyers Guide

From bedroom desk chairs, easy chairs to stools & sofas, hotel furniture has many different requirements; view tips for receptions, restaurants & bedrooms.

01/08/17 09:11

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide

Restaurant tables & chairs are vital in determining the look & feel of your eatery. Appropriate styles & materials are essential for an effective ambience.

01/08/17 09:10


Hospitality Table Size Guide

The right table size depends on how many covers are required on each table and what the table is used for; fine dining or drinking will differ. Drinking requires less space than quick meals; fine dining requires the most space. To calculate how many covers will fit in a restaurant use this diagram.

01/08/17 09:09


Outdoor Furniture Buyer's Guide

For outdoor furniture choosing the right colours and materials matters even more than for indoor hospitality furniture. Black furniture can get too hot in prolonged direct sunlight, but it is equally important to avoid white table tops, which can cause an unbearable glare in the same circumstances.

01/08/17 09:09


Standard Table Height Guide

A handy list of standard table heights by type including poseur tables, console tables, coffee tables, dining tables and side tables. We also list other things you need to consider before ordering furniture for hospitality spaces such as leg space and space to push the chair underneath the table.

01/08/17 09:08


How To Choose Your Table Bases

Table bases are usually ordered separately from table tops. They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, materials, and finishes. We list the benefits of pedestal bases for hospitality settings, the options for finish and how to avoid those annoying wobbly tables as well as technical tips.

26/07/17 11:42