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Aluminium Chair Care & Maintenance

Aluminium stools in The Opposite House Beijing, China project: Neri&Hu photo: Michael Weber

Aluminium furniture is typically lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. Aluminium surfaces oxidise (becoming matt), so furniture is often given a protective coating to maintain a bright appearance as shown in our deja vu stool in polished aluminium, pictured above.

Cleaning aluminium chairs

Use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water and liquid detergent, soap or Relay Spray.

Deep Cleaning

For severe stains you can use kerosene, turpentine or white spirit, applied on a cloth. Rinse off residue afterwards. If the Aluminium has a grain, always rub the surface in the direction of the grain.


Wax aluminium furniture using a wax such as ‘Collinite Metal Wax’ if it starts to dull. For a glossy appearance, you can use a product such as ‘Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish’.

To remove deeper scratches, use sandpaper to reduce the surrounding surface and so ‘remove’ the scratch. Doing this requires very fine sandpaper (at least at the end of the process) and the surface may then require a thorough polish. 

If you're wondering what materials are most suitable to hospitality furniture, read our blog Pros and Cons of Different Chair Materials or download the guide below for more chair cleaning tips and tricks.

Free Furniture Care & Maintenance Guide

Get more from your contract furniture by caring for it properly. Download our Furniture Care & Maintenance Guide to learn how to make your furniture last longer in a hospitality space.


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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 20/11/17 10:17
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