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Cast Iron Furniture Care and Maintenance Tips

Cast Iron Furniture

Cast iron furniture is created by pouring molten iron into a mould. Furniture made of cast iron is both heavy and durable, and due to its resilient nature, often specified for outdoors. It can have a rough surface that is difficult to clean and can rust.

Cleaning cast iron furniture

Use soapy water, liquid detergent or Relay Spray and possibly a scrubbing brush.

Deep cleaning

Use a jet wash (assuming the cast iron does not have a painted surface - many of our table bases are powder coated - see powder coated cleaning guidlines.)

Cast iron furniture maintenance

Protect iron furniture by applying a suitable proprietary wax such as spray-on 'North Woods - One Touch Wonder Wax' once in a while.

If rust forms, rub-down the affected area using fine sandpaper, or a wire brush, then apply wax as above.

Free Furniture Care & Maintenance Guide

Get more from your contract furniture by caring for it properly. Download our Furniture Care & Maintenance Guide to learn how to make your furniture last longer in a hospitality space. 

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inox mix table base bold table base

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 03/04/18 11:43
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