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COVID-19 Update (April)


Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world on its head in the most terrible way and the hospitality industry has felt its impact as much as any. We send our greatest good wishes to everyone affected in these trying times.

At The Contract Chair Co, we have had to make significant adjustments to our workflows, but remain fully operational. Below is a quick overview of the situation:

Sales Office:
We are all working remotely – our long term investments in cloud-based technology have proven absolutely crucial in allowing this. We visit the office as little as possible, generally to deal with the post, fabric swatches and a few other similar tasks.

Supply Chain: 
Our supply chain has always been geographically diverse, which meant that even though the pandemic has hit almost the whole Europe equally, some of our factories kept operating. As of end of June, vast majority of our factories are open and fully functional.

Movement of Goods:
Throughout the lockdown, logistics companies and warehouse companies have continued to operate and we have been making limited deliveries – all strictly in line with government distancing recommendations.

Lead Times:
Our lead-times remain affected, mainly due to factory closures in the UK and Western Europe. Despite this, we are doing our utmost to deliver all orders in the quickest possible way and keep affected customers posted. As a rough guide, we currently recommend adding 2-3 weeks on top of the lead time figures given on the website, but customers are encouraged to get in touch with our sales team for more specific dates. Our stocked "Quick Ship" range remains available at short notice. 

Although it is not business as normal, we do continue to operate in a perfectly recognisable manner and are taking orders and delivering furniture as we always have. Over the coming weeks we expect UK factories to start opening up again, which will be a major step towards getting back to normal. 

The Contract Chair Company is a company that is financially very robust and we will continue to offer credit as we have previously.

Please do get in touch with any questions, about an order, or about your future plans. We are here to help.


Charles Nicholson, Managing Director

By Charles Nicholson Charles Nicholson on 19/03/20 18:33
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