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Edge Profiles for Solid Wood Table Tops

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Have you selected a solid wood table top? Are you now wondering how to best personalise your table top edges? We've put together a comprehensive guide to help you pick out the best edge for your table top.

Standard Wooden Top Edge Profiles

Most solid wooden table tops can be finished with a choice of edge profiles - the diagram below depicts some of the most commonly used edges today.

Edges are created using wood routing tools and the profiles reflect the shapes of these tools. It is worth noting that rounded edges, such as pencil round or bullnose, are less vulnerable to damage.

standard edge no sides

Custom Wooden Top Edge Profiles

Aside from the standard profiles, edges can be customised within reason. Adding this subtle difference can make an impactful impression on diners. Below are some examples of what custom table top edges can look like.

custom edge no sides


Waney Wood Edge

A natural-looking alternative is a Waney edge profile, available usually with Oak. A Waney edge is the outside cut of a log, with the bark removed. This is available on square or rectangular tops, and always on two edges only. The width of a Waney edge can vary, and a tolerance of 50mm (on either side) needs to be considered when choosing a top size.

Waney wood edges are a popular choice for their rustic qualities. For a more sophisticated version though, the edge can be sanded to make it smoother - which also makes it less likely to snag on diners' clothing!.

See more examples of waney edge table tops, here.


See wooden top edges in person

At the Contract Chair Company, we have many solid wood table tops and edges samples on display at our Hammersmith furniture showroom. Alternatively, you can download our Hospitality Furniture Knowledge booklet to learn more about the pros and cons of furniture materials, current style trends, and tips and tricks of the trade. 

By Tiffany Chan on 15/02/22 16:06
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