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Furniture Trends 2019: Bold Shapes On Chairs & Tables

catch chair

As interiors continue to become bolder & brighter, furniture designs are similarly metamorphosing. Simple squarish shapes in single shades have given way to curvy creations which cast silhouettes or are a composite of many shapes merging harmonically together.

Geometric fabrics and patterned fabrics have been popular for some time in hospitality design as they are a great way of adding visual intrigue to an interior space for less financial outlay. This has evolved to include punchy designs on tables made from mosaic tiles, parquet layers & terrazzo chips amongst other things. Here we highlight our favourite bold shapes incorporated into the very construction of the furniture including crisp-like chair backs, rotund bases & cut-out tables. 

A photo of the Tortuga Cahir


A photo of the Chips chair

Chips Chair

A photo of the illo coffee table

Illo Coffee Table

A photo of the Catch chair with a dinning table

Catch Chair

A Photo of two Alta armchair

Ala Armchair

A photo of Atticus chair around a table

Atticus Chair

A photo of two Komodoro chairs

Komodoro Chair

 photo of the U coffee table

U Coffee Table

A photo of the shuffle table

Shuffle Table

A photo of a table with a roly-poly stool

Roly-Poly Stool

A photo of zant-collection

Zant Collection

A photo Zant armchair side ways

Zant Chair

GAIA LOUNGE CHAIR vintage light brown art. leather w. black legs_700200110_MOOD 1

Gaia Lounge Chair

A photo of dalia around a dinning table


A photo of Magda armchair

Magda Armchair

For more furniture with cut-out designs, view our blog on Outlines on Chair Frames.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 11/12/19 13:00
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