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Furniture Trends 2019: Bolster Cushions On Chairs & Sofas

SLEEP- sofa in brown with roll back cushion

bolster is a long narrow cushion which is usually firm for back or arm support and is used both for extra comfort and for visual effect. Some chair and sofa designs incorporate bolster cushions into the frame as either an upholstered cylindrical backrest or by way of a roll-shaped foam backrest through which the metal frame passes through.

Incorporating rolls into seating is nothing new, the 1920s saw several designers incorporate them into their furniture including Le Corbusier & Charlotte Perriand's Model No. B302 and the classic Bibendum Armchair by Eileen Grey. More recently Roll Back banquettes have been increasing in popularity as restaurants seek to offer spaces which are both impressive and extremely comfortable where their guests will linger for longer and leave with a lasting memory. 

Bolster Cushion Product Picks

club chair

Club Chair

brut armchair

Brut Armchair


Brut Sofa

baba armchair

Baba Armchair


BI 20S Armchair

Bloc Barstool

Bloc Barstool

sleep sofa with bolster back in red

Sleep Sofa


Aliko Lounge Chair


Kyoto B Armchair

HubSpot Video

The Kyoto range of chairs not only incorporates bolster cushions as part of the backrest, the lounge chair also has the added feature of split upholstery on cushions which can be rotated on the frame. See the above video for a demonstration.

Bolster cushions on banquettes

Bolster cushions are often used on banquette seating to add additional comfort, alongside more traditionally shaped square and rectangular scatter cushions. They can also be used as a soft divider to create a gentle partition between different groups of diners or in the place of a more rigid end panel.


Bolster cushions on banquette seating in Avobar London


Bolster cushions on banquette seating in Hilton Puckrup Hall

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 27/08/19 12:44
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