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Furniture Trends 2019: Curved-back Wooden Chairs

hera chairs

Curves are flowing everywhere at the moment; here they combine with a handcrafted feel to create wooden furniture with a more organic form. This style is particularly popular in biophilic designs or hospitality venues which aim to create a space which emphasises wellness and healthy living.

Earlier in the year we wrote about the trends of round backs on upholstered chairs: Round backs, particularly in super-comfortable, oversized and fully upholstered chairs were featuring prominently in new ranges for 2019. This is an emphasis on soft lines, and even softer upholstery, creating relaxing spaces where comfort is valued as much as aesthetics, so much so it’s become part of the look. This trend takes the same form but adds an artisanal feel where the curved backs are often smoothed and seamlessly carved to perfection. 

Curved-back wooden chair product picks

Projects with curved-back wooden chairs

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Cooma Side Chairs in Jamie's Italian, Oslo.

The curved-back wooden Cooma Side chair has been specified in two types of leather: Crest's Old English Tan & Futura's Rimini Foresta, to create a natural colour scheme which combines with wooden tables, floors & wall panelling to create the quintessential Nordic fjord-side eatery. The curved back wooden chair trend blends perfectly with the other organic forms, and Scandi style throughout the restaurant.

Chairs of this type are also popular in British fine-dining restaurants, particularly those with a seafood offering.


The Forli Armchair in Lussman's Hitchin The artisanal feel of the chairs helps to create a special atmosphere important to fine dining venues. Again the chairs are upholstered in a natural colour scheme -Crest leather, Shelly -Majolica Blue, which combines with the wooden frames to evoke fishing boats on the sea. Photo by Paul Winch-Furness. 

Rick Stein, Sandbanks  interior 1 - Copyright Lucy Richards-1

Similarly, Rick Stein's restaurant in Sandbanks uses the Wanda Side Chairs & Dora Barstools to an equivalent effect. Specifying natural materials  (Oak frame and a fabric seat pad in a neutral COM) in this instance also ensures that the interiors complement and do not compete with the breathtaking view of the sea that the restaurant is also known for. Photo by Lucy Richards.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 20/08/19 13:32
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