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Furniture Trends 2019: Curved Sofas

Dandy Sofa

Curves are everywhere at the moment, bringing organic flowing forms to hospitality venues across the country. The resulting spaces are cosy & welcoming spaces, inviting folk to linger a while & forget their troubles in the cradle of a comfortable curve. From smooth curved backrests on handcrafted wooden chairs to round backs on super-comfortable, oversized and fully upholstered chairs boxy, modern shapes and hard edges are out; circles, arches, ovals and shells are most definitely in.

One school of thought claims this is down to the uncertainty of an increasingly unstable world which has inspired a softer, cocooning feel into which we retreat for safety & comfort. The other suggests curves simply go hand in hand with the 70s retro resurgence which continues to burgeon throughout interior spaces. Whatever the reason, there are certainly comfortable times ahead.

If it's really a furniture hug we all need right now, you can't get more cocooned than a curved sofa. From the nearly completely circular shape of the Ben Ben sofa through the oversized form of the Julep to the boxy arc of the Ados and Pranto, this is our pick of curved sofas.


Arc Sofa


Julep Sofa


Ben Ben Sofa


Why Not System

Another option to consider is specifying modular seating which can be configured in a circular fashion such as the Why Not system pictured here. Alternatively, banquette seating can also be designed in a curvy fashion.

Looking for something else? View our full range of sofas here, or browse our blog on Contract Sofas for our furniture picks. 

Sometimes curved furniture is difficult to upholster. Read our blog on upholstering curved shells to learn more.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 06/12/19 11:00
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