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Furniture Trends 2019: Decorative Metal Chairs & Tables

strauss table

Evocative of decorative metalwork found in French parks, gardens and bandstands and the leafy style of the Art Nouveau period, this trend is particularly popular in fine dining outdoor terraces and the garden areas of stately cafes. In line with other trends we've seen this year, decorative metal designs are becoming more decadent as the metal foliage unfolds into more illustrious manifestations. There are also contemporary takes on this style of metal furniture such as the Kelly Side Chair & the Copia coffee Table. This is our selection of decorative metal chairs and tables.

Fleur metal armchair

Fleur Armchair

Curl metal armchair

Curl Armchair

rosehip metal armchair

Rosehip Armchair

pergola metal bench

Pergola Bench

Dalmatia side chair

Dalmatia Side Chair

Spiro metal low stool

Spiro Low Stool


Pergola Armchair

Narcisi table

Narcisi Table


Vine Armchair

damask metal table

Damask Table

como chair

Como Chair


Armonia Chair


Narcisi Side Chair


Kelly Side Chair


Copia Coffee Table

You can view our full range of metal furniture here or download our Autumn Style Guide for more on this trend and others like it.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 26/11/19 13:24
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Furniture Style Guide Autumn 2019

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