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Furniture Trends 2019: Divided Table Tops


Splits and stacks made from mixed materials, different colours of the same or grooves routed into the top are appearing in exciting new ranges from Europe's top product designers. Tables are now divided and layered and as a result are infinitely more interesting than ever before. 

Routed Table Tops

One of the ways to achieve a pattern on a table top is to route out grooves into a table top using a machine and then sealing the top with a clear lacquer. This can be done on both wooden and marble table tops. For contract use we would recommend using routed tables as an accent side table rather than a dining table as food may become stuck in the grooves. If you want to specify a table with lines on for use as a contract dining table we'd recommend getting the design digitally printed instead. (You can view our Digitally Printed Table Tops here.)

Watch the video below to see how we create patterned table tops using a machine to route out grooves or browse our favourite divided table product picks underneath.

Divided Table Product Picks

Groove Side Table

Groove Side Table

palette stacked  side table

Palette Coffee Table

ringo divided table tops

Ringo Side Table

routed table tops

Routed Table Tops

split table top half marble effect

Eclipse Table Top

routed table top with base

Refract Table Top

paper coffee table

Paper Coffee Table


Stack Coffee Table


Split table tops seen at Salone del Mobile

half foresso half laminate side table

Half foresso table top seen at Salone del Mobile

half wood effect half mirror glass table

Half mirror glass table seen at Salone del Mobile

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 22/05/19 13:58
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