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Furniture Trends 2019: Patterned Tables

print tables

Over the past decade dining tables in hospitality venues have become more intricate and unusual. This trend is similar to the divided tables trend we reported on after Milan. 

Standard oak and Carara marble table tops are still very much in demand, but frequently we're finding tables with patterned wooden and stone shapes and marble-like swirls being specified as interiors get bolder and brighter. This has been fuelled somewhat by the rise of terrazzo last year and the many colourful new materials such as Versital, Foresso & Silestone, not to mention the many patterned laminates available today. 

If those options weren't enough, another way of achieving an intricate pattern, often a bespoke one, is by printing the design on a table top. As technology improves, the capability to print on non-traditional surfaces such as wood has become impressive. The bespoke table tops we made for a Rosa's Thai project simply required an illustrator design saved as a high quality print pdf to send to the factory.

A patterned table will often feature as accent side or coffee table though mosaic tables from both wood and tile are increasingly popular as dining tables. The only thing to watch out for in these kind of designs is if there is a chance of food getting stuck in the gaps between tiles; often designs such as this are sealed or covered by a glass top to prevent this. See our blog on Divided Tables which includes tables where a pattern has been routed into the top for more on this. 

For more on the patterned interiors trend see our blog on 8 Great Patterned Upholstery Fabrics for Contract Use.


Crackle Glass

print coffee and side tables

Print Coffee Table


Life Table


Swirl Table

Billy Ceramic Coffee Table

Billy Ceramic Coffee Table

mosaic table closeup

Mosaic Table


Chap Coffee Table

York Coffee Tables

York Coffee Tables


Parq Life Table


Praga Table


Bespoke Wooden Table Tops

Maui Design on Lava Stone Table Top

Maui Design on Lava Stone Table Top

Patterned table from Salone del Mobile

Patterned table from Salone del Mobile

Matching chair and table at Salon del Mobile

Matching chair and table at Salon del Mobile

digitally printed patterned table top

Digitally Printed Patterned Table for Rosa's Thai

RosasTowerBridge_Interiors867x520Digitally Printed Patterned Table Top in Rosa's Thai Cafe, Tower Bridge. Dark walnut stained solid European Oak table tops with Bespoke Blue & Red Digitally Printed Images. 

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 10/10/19 13:20
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