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Furniture Trends: Conical Table Bases

essens conical table base

No longer are table bases designed to pale into the background below the featured table top. Conical bases are here to elevate the humble table base and make a bold statement of the solid structure that holds the top aloft. Unmissable chunky designs, available in eye-catching finishes, these bases ensure every inch of space is fully utilised to create the desired aesthetic. 

Conical bases also help achieve more muted, flowing, organic lines throughout a scheme as the tapered curves of a conical base are much softer than a traditional straight base.

Benefits of Conical Table Bases

  • Conical table bases are available in a range of styles, sizes, materials and finishes.
  • Conical table bases do not obstruct diners’ chairs in the way that a four legged table can.
  • Conical table bases are more flexible, if tables are pushed together, for instance, diners can sit all around the combined table - there are no legs in the way.
  • While traditional pedestal bases are unobtrusive, conical bases make a feature from the base, creating visual intrigue.
  • Conical table bases are easier to move around without damage. Dragging a 4 legged base causes damage and eventually loss of the trailing leg.
  • As conical table bases are often chunkier with a larger column than say our standard inox bases, they are great for supporting tops of a greater weight
  • Similarly, they'll provide greater stability outdoors if windy weather conditions are a concern. However, if you have an uneven surface outside you may want to opt for a three legged base, that will be better suited to finding a natural equilibrium or a self-adjusting table base such as the Nouveau.

For more information on specifying table bases read our blog: Table Bases: 6 Essential Points. Alternatively, you can browse all our furniture knowledge on specifying tables here.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 05/03/19 11:42
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