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Furniture Trends: Lines

kvilt lounge chair and sofa

Lines are extremely important in interior design and are now featuring more prominently in furniture specification; from woven chairs to metal frames & fluted upholstery. Ribbed & corduroy fabrics with fine lines that add texture are also experiencing a resurgence which also ties in with the retro revival of 60s and 70s styles.

Why add lines?

Lines can have dramatic impact on interiors. As well as adding intrigue and detail, they can also be deployed for technical reasons, for example to lead the eye and emphasise a focal point. Horizontal lines can help provide a smooth transition between zones. They can also make a room appear wider or longer whereas vertical lines make a space appear taller or higher. A great way of continuing this theme in an interior space is by specifying a chair with lines, such as a chair with a metal frame with solid hard lines, a chair that is woven in flexible straight lines or by sewing lines into upholstery.

Adding lines to upholstery 

Adding fluted lines to upholstery is a great way of adding depth and detail to an upholstered seat. For just a little extra money you can create a seat that looks infinitely more cosy, comfortable and inviting. It's the kind of added detail that adds much more than it costs. On many chair ranges, such as the Alissa, Lana & Louvre, flutes are available as optional extras. Some ranges also allow the addition of a back seam or quilted stitching which continues the motif of lines around the back where it is most visible.

Flutes are generally achieved by sewing through foam 10mm to 20mm thick, giving a subtle shallow fluted curve. Other methods are to back tack onto foam cuts which give the curve a deeper look for more effect and extra cushioning for maximum comfort. Flutes are generally 100mm to 200mm wide but with banquettes it's also possible to request a bespoke width of flute. Requesting a bespoke width is not generally available on chairs because the flutes have to work with the shape of the frame, banquettes have a standard shape which allows for more customisation without risk of the fabric ripping or wearing faster. 

The price of banquette seating increases in the following way:

  • Plain - cheapest and least comfortable looking
  • Button-back
  • Fluted
  • Deep Button Back - most expensive and most comfortable looking

Essentially, fluted upholstery oozes comfort and is a great way of creating a warm and inviting space, adding to the all important atmosphere of any hospitality venue, while at the same time continuing the lines used elsewhere in the interiors.

For more inspiration, take a look at the subtle use of lines in Farmer J or the bold use of angular lines to form geometric patterns in Dirty Martini Birmingham and note how the fluted upholstery continues  & builds upon this theme. Alternatively browse our line insipired furniture picks below.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 19/11/18 12:00
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