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Introducing Scrapbooks, Your Interior Design Tool


It’s taken 2 years of development, with but we’re finally able to announce a tool that will save you time and give you plenty of choice when specifying furniture for big projects.

Scrapbooks: The specifying furniture timesaver

Working closely with designers we know that it can be time-consuming to organise all your products while monitoring your budget and requesting a bulk quote for the whole project.  Scrapbooks will give you everything in one place. They'll also give you an immediate quote using standard trade pricing.

Scrapbooks work in a similar way to Pinterest;  they’re your virtual mood board to use when browsing our website for a particular project.  But unlike Pinterest they’ll collate all of our pricing information, completely tailored to the fabrics, colours & quantities that you require for your project.

When you’re done you can submit your scrapbook and your verified quote will be valid for 30 days.  Here’s how it works.

1. Create a new scrapbook

Once you've signed up click your name in the top right hand-corner. Select My Scrapbooks, then add a new scrapbook. Name your scrapbook after the project you're specifying. Because you can create as many scrapbooks as you want,  you need to set the current scrapbook as default. This means when you come to save images, it will go to the right scrapbook. 

create new default scrapbook

2. Create product groups

Open your new scrapbook and click Create New Group. Type in the required product group names ie. Lounge Area and Outdoor Lounge. Use the pin icon on the left to select the group you want to save your products to. In this example, we'regoing to save all lounge chairs to the "Lounge Area." 

create new groups

3. Add products to scrapbook

Hover over the product and click"Add to Scrapbook". For more on this you can read our blog on how to search & choose furniture using the website smart search and toolbar.


add chairs to scrapbook

4. Drag and drop into groups

Separate the outdoor and indoor chairs you selected previously by dragging into different groups.


drag and drop products into groups

5. Edit view

You can edit product quantities from within your scrapbook, and add special requirements. For example you may want to ask "Would it be possible to stain the frame to sample?" or have extra comments that you'd like the sales team to consider when verifying your quote. Click update scrapbook to view your changes.


edit quote

6. Quote total

The prices shown in your instant quote are the standard trade pricing, click to get a verified quote which will be valid for 30 days. 


7. Excluding alternative products

Got some alternatives in your scrapbook you don't want to be part of the quote at this time? That's fine. Simply untick the boxes next to your alternatives to omit them from the final total.  

exclude alternative products


Try it yourself. Register for an account now. 


Already registered? Simply log in at the top right hand corner of the website and click on "My Scrapbooks".

Want to browse our products first? Read our blog on how to find exactly what you're looking for using designer-led product filters. 

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 01/08/17 09:12
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