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New Website Features - Oct '21

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Making furniture specifying easier through innovation is part of our DNA at The Contract Chair Company. We see our website product database and scrapbook feature as the core elements to this and constantly look to improve them. This month, we've launched another set of updates, the most important of which are detailed below:

Product Page Re-Design

The product page section has been redesigned to accommodate existing, recently launched and upcoming features, while keeping all the necessary information within a single screen view.

There are three key sections to the page. 

'Visual' section on the left-hand side of the screen provides the viewer with complete information about a product's design through Images, 3D Models and an overview of other products with the same family. 

'Specification' section displayed in the middle, provides key parameters in regards to the product. Here's where you can choose the desired options, select the correct finish for the frame, choose the upholstery, etc. The section is concluded by the "Add to Scrapbook" floating element at the bottom of the screen. Having selected specification details, here's where the user will choose the quantity, preview the dynamically calculated price and add the product to its scrapbook. 

'More details' section on the right-hand side is a flexible area. Depending on the product this section will display a few, or all of the below snippets:

  • Dimensions
  • Specification Tips
  • CAD Files (more about this below)
  • Data Sheets
  • Featured in Projects -*New feature*, allows users to access other inspirational projects where this product has been used
  • Recently Viewed
  • Similar Products

3D/CAD Files

Probably the biggest of the new features brought to our customers with this update is the introduction of freely downloadable CAD Files. We know that designers are always under pressure to make their designs as visual and clearly represented to customers as possible, especially before diving into large purchasing decisions.  This requires 3D visualisation. Finding 3D/CAD files of the desired products is always a hassle, and we aim to make this hassle a thing of the past.

Our ambition is to make all our products freely available to our customers, in an array of 3D/CAD file formats- something which has not been achieved on any other multi-brand contract furniture website. Each product will be available in all mainstream formats used by designers for space planning and the visualisaton process.

These formats include:

  • MAX
  • 3DS
  • OBJ
  • FBX
  • SKP
  • RFA
  • V-RAY Textures
  • PBR Textures
  • 2D DWG - mainly for floorplans

So far, we have modelled 1000+ products and are adding hundreds more each month. If you do come across one which hasn't been modelled yet, just let us know and we'll jump the product to the top of our modelling queue. This usually means the models will be ready within 24 hours. 

PRO Users

3D/CAD files will only be available to PRO Users. This is another new feature. We are creating an exclusive club of designers who are involved in designing hospitality venues. They will be given free PRO User status and therefore access to the CAD files. More exclusive features will be coming to PRO Users going forward. 

If you think you qualify, you can request access from this link.

3D Viewer

Who doesn't love viewing products in 3D? Literally, no one. Since we've now modelled all these products, we're also making them viewable in a 3D viewer, because.. why not? 

3D Preview Gif 4

We hope this takes us closer to being your favourite place to find contract furniture for hospitality venues.

More innovative features coming soon. Stay tuned! 

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By Charles Nicholson Charles Nicholson on 25/10/21 16:09
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