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Outdoor Wooden Table Tops


Wooden table tops look beautiful inside or out. Outdoor tops have to resist everything nature can throw at them, on top of the usual wear and tear from regular use. Outdoor wooden table tops mellow with age and exposure to the elements, becoming an attractive shade of grey.

Crucially though, only some wooden table tops are appropriate for use outdoors. Most of these have slatted tops with gaps to allow water to drain. Most are treated with oil rather than lacquer (which can deteriorate quickly when water gets underneath it) and almost all are made of hardwood, the following varieties being popular:


Iroko is a very durable wood that does not require regular treatment with oil. Once considered a low-cost alternative to Teak, its attractive colour now makes it a popular timber for outdoor table tops.


Our Iroko Table Tops:


Robinia is a favourite of ours – a sustainable wood that is grown across many parts of the world. Native to the south-eastern United States, it has been widely planted and naturalised across the globe, introduced into Britain in 1636. It is so successful that it is considered an invasive species in some areas.  The fact it is so fast-growing (as well as being very hard) makes it an attractive, sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods. Robinia benefits from regular oiling to avoid splitting.


Our Robinia Table Tops:


Traditionally a very popular choice, teak was once abundant and has been used for furniture of all types for centuries. Its close-grain resists warping and splitting. Old-grain teak is now carefully protected, with teak plantations providing the bulk of timber for modern furniture production.


Our Teak Table Tops:

We can provide bespoke outdoor table tops of all shapes and sizes – please enquire. For further reading on related topics, please see below:

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Outdoor Furniture Care

For more tips on caring for outdoor wooden table tops, why not download our furniture care guide here.


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By Charles Nicholson Charles Nicholson on 05/07/21 10:30
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