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How To Source Sustainable Furniture

Sustainability is a hot topic in the current climate but if you look behind the popular ethos it's easy to get bogged down in legislation and acronyms. Here's a list of ways to improve the green credentials your furniture and a product focus on bespoke table tops made from reclaimed wood.

23/07/18 11:35

KD Arco_2440_ver-2_HR

8 Gorgeous Geometric Fabrics Suitable For Contract Use

Geometric fabric adds visual intrigue with minimal application. We look at our favourite new geometric fabrics. Fabrics include the Soraya Collection from Romo, Shapes by Panaz, Geometrics by Kirkby Design & Warwick fabrics as well as some of our showroom samples to illustrate working examples.

16/07/18 10:50

Gracie Chaise Longue

Chaise Longues: How To Avoid An Expensive Mistake

Think you know your left from your right? Everything's backwards where chaise longues are concerned. Use this diagram to make sure you order a chaise with the correct configuration and avoid making a costly error. Also featured are a few of our favourite chaises longues from our range.

09/07/18 11:16

veneer oak table top with metal edge

Never Fix Metal Edging To Solid Wood Table Tops

The most important thing to know about metal edging, is that it should not be applied to solid wood tops. This is because wood tends to move naturally and this movement can cause the edging to come away creating gaps.

02/07/18 12:00


How To Specify A Chair From The Ground Up

Everything you need to know about specifying a chair in a single blog post. Well, almost. This guide will ensure you don't overlook anything when specifying for a project from glides, to pattern repeats, chair materials and more.

25/06/18 11:40


Furniture Trends: Geometric Shapes On Table Bases

Forget classic pedestal bases, table bases just got interesting. Meet the new trend of geometric shapes on table bases that combine all the stability of a classic pedestal base with added interior intrigue.

18/06/18 11:17

beatrice chairs with cage frame

Furniture Trends: Cage Frames

Cage frames are a variation of the trend in thin legs as a feature, primarily in metal but also now occurring in wood. Cage frames here are more like ornamental birdcages used to decoratively impress as well as being sturdy structures.

11/06/18 12:00


Furniture Trends: Metal Frames as a Chair Feature

Metal frames are nothing new, they're popular in the contract market because they have certain benefits, but now manufacturers are taking these benefits and making a design feature, providing function and desirability in one. Chairs featured include Gaia, Line, Mullit, Macka, Moon, Graph & more!

04/06/18 11:18


Furniture Trends: The Colour Green

Gemstone colours, particularly in lush velvet fabrics, were prevalent earlier in the year but green in particular is really shaping up to be the colour of 2018, we explore the biophilic aesthetic that's fuelling the trend. We also look at the use of the colour green in the Drake & Morgan interiors.

29/05/18 12:17

wicker sofa in blue

Furniture Trends: Cane Chairs

Last year we saw a resurgence of chairs woven from natural materials including cane, rattan & bamboo. This year the classic cane chair continues to be reworked in innovative ways. We explore why cane is great for contract furniture.

21/05/18 11:48


2 Golden Rules for Specifying Terrazzo Table Tops

Terrazzo is a popular material for hospitality design, mostly because the attractive range of colours allow for an impressive appearance at lower cost than high-end marbles, but is it suitable for contract furniture use? Watch our acid etching test video and discover important specification tips.

14/05/18 12:13

Velvet Upholstery Care & Maintenance Tips

Contrary to popular belief velvet is not a high-maintenance fabric. Despite its delicate appearance, the fabric is well suited to contract use with regular cleaning. The biggest problem with velvet is that it is a dust magnet and that is can crease or 'bruise' but this is easily fixed, find out how.

07/05/18 11:30

furniture style guide spring 2018 3d cover

Furniture Highlights: Bespoke Table Tops

After something more exciting than another character oak table top? We've been hunting around and asking our suppliers to provide us with some interesting and unique alternatives. Here are the best table tops we've sourced in the past month.

30/04/18 09:53

Photo frame with neon sshhh sign above in Knutsford

Lost & Found Interview with Concorde BGW

A key component to the success of the Lost & Found collection lies in the unique branding that informs the interior design. Each bar is headed by its own Victorian professor a fictional personality with their own set of intriguing possessions and pastimes; We chat to Concorde BGW about the design.

23/04/18 11:30


Chairs to See at Salone del Mobile Milano 2018

It's time for the biggest furniture show of the year. Milan Design Week is full of inspiring exhibitions and new collections. Here's a taster of the delights on show including new furniture from Artifort, Armet, KFF & Emu as well as the must see Corallo tram installation & a 3D printing exhibition.

12/04/18 11:50

Clerkenwell Grind

Furniture Trends: Thin Metal Legs in Brass or Gold

The fashion for industrial design is now being phased out in favour of a more comfortable style of furniture. Part of this transition is seeing metal frames with rough and ready finishes transform into a more elegant and even decadent style. We look at Clerkenwell Grind & Omar's Place as examples.

09/04/18 11:29

Cast Iron Furniture Care and Maintenance Tips

Cast iron furniture is heavy, durable, and resilient so it's often specified for outdoors, but it can have a rough surface that's difficult to clean & can rust. Protect iron furniture by applying a suitable proprietary wax such as spray-on 'North Woods - One Touch Wonder Wax' once in a while.

03/04/18 11:43


Furniture Highlights: March 2018

Our pick of the best new chairs we've encountered in the past month featuring a collection of fine furniture personalities fit for any venue; from sophisticated gents to cheap and cheerful chappies. This month includes Norma, Isole, Demoiselle, Magnum, Bi20S, Cloud sofa, La Isla, Tempest & America chairs.

28/03/18 15:36

Las Iguanas Chester with retro bar and patterned floor tiles.

6 Dazzling Hospitality Interiors With Geometric Patterns

The popularity of geometric patterns is tied to a resurgence of retro & the mid-century modern aesthetic but they are a fantastic way to add visual intrigue with minimal amount of application. This is particularly good if you're trying to create an Instagram-able venue on a tight budget.

26/03/18 12:00

Glass Tables Care and Maintenance Tips

Glass tables are simple to clean and maintain and are very strong. But if a glass surface is hit on its edge it can easily shatter. Here are our tips for getting the longest life from your glass tables.

19/03/18 11:54