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Painted and Powder-Coated Furniture Care

powder coated chairs in a cafe

Paint is used on a wide range of furniture made of many varied materials. Powder-coating creates an appearance of paint but is actually a process where a dry powder is applied and this powder is then heated and set. It is most usually used on metal surfaces. 

Paint is less robust than powder-coatings, and so painted surfaces often are protected with a layer of lacquer/varnish. This can be important when considering the best way to maintain such surfaces.

Cleaning painted or powder-coated furniture

As with most surfaces, use warm water and detergent or Relay Spray for regular cleaning. Avoid abrasive products as they will scratch.

Maintaining painted or powder-coated furniture

If paint is chipped and needs repair, first thoroughly clean and dry the affected area (you may also give it a light sanding, with fine sand paper). Then treat whatever the surface is under the paint, if necessary. If it is a metal surface and rust is visible give the affected area a rub down using fine sandpaper, or a wire brush. Afterwards use a primer appropriate for the material (i.e. a metal primer for metal, etc), leave to dry and then finally touch up the affected area with colour-matched paint.

If your paint is protected with a lacquer which gets chipped (i.e. the paint is still OK), one solution is to ‘touch-up’ the damaged area, using a specialist product. We recommend using Behlen Jet Spray Clear Lacquer, but please do follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

For more furniture care tips read our advice on outdoor furniture care, cleaning wooden furniture, maintaining chrome furniture or see our list of common causes of furniture damage.

Free Furniture Care & Maintenance Guide

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 09/10/17 10:07
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