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Protective Screens for Hospitality Venues

Protective screen between outdoor restaurant tables

As the lockdown is eased, the UK government has announced that hospitality venues may soon be allowed to open, possibly English venues first, hopefully starting in July – as long as they maintain social distancing.

How can owners and operators hope to be able to admit enough customers to be financially viable while maintaining social distancing though? Undoubtedly physical barriers will help, either stopping any lateral movement of the virus or keeping visitors distanced from each other. Both also providing a visible signal of your concern. There are different types of screens – some also known as sneeze screens or hygiene screens – to suit varying environments, all listed here.

Some of our infection screens and dividing screens are suitable for outdoor use – these are labelled appropriately.

Table top protective screens
Sitting on table tops, close to diners, table top protective screens are a neat solution, requiring less separation of tables. You can choose discreet options, typically clear Acrylic (ie Plexiglass or Perspex) or designs that add to your interior, with colours, attractive shapes and appealing designs. Being compact, they are easiest to clean and easiest to move.See our range of table top infection protection screens here.

Floor-standing protective screens
Slightly further from diners and possibly requiring tables to be moved apart, floor-standing infection protection screens offer a substantial and visible barrier for the virus. Floor-standing screens can be either fixed or free-standing, either of which, with imagination, can be incorporated into the existing interior design. See our range of free standing infection protection screens here.

Wall mounted protective screens
A semi-permanent solution, a wall-mounted infection protection screen has the advantage of being retractable, easy to put to use when busy and put away when less busy. See our wall-mounted infection protection screens here.

Dividing screens
Aimed at ensuring social distancing rather than limiting the spread of the virus, diving screens have the advantage of being attractive additions to the interior of a venue. These dividing screens can be used in common areas, perhaps near an entrance, or by a pay-station to physically ensure guests are socially-distanced. See our range of socially-distancing dividing screens here.

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By Charles Nicholson Charles Nicholson on 14/05/20 11:23
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