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Salone del Mobile Milano '22: Furniture Trend Report

salone '22 furniture trends

Earlier this June, we travelled to Milan for the annual Salone del Mobile Milano, the biggest design show in Europe, to source up-and-coming furniture and uncover the biggest trends in the contract furniture market. From material to colours to styles, here are some of our favourite looks at Salone '22.


1. Leather Straps

We saw a surge in leather detailing, in particular, leather straps across the backrest. Traditionally, leather is associated with a more rustic, country look; leather detailing on the other hand, evokes an air of edginess in otherwise modern designs. See here the bridle inspired Annie chair and the Lourve collection, where country meets modern minimalism is done to great effect.

Leather strap

2. Panelling

Panelled furniture describes a type of furniture that features different layers that can be upholstered in different fabric, creating a multi-faceted effect where materials take centre stage. Modern with a "space-age" twist, the Tulli and Diamond collections are great examples of panelling as seen at Solane '22. Having split upholstery on chairs is nothing new, but we've noticed that many brands have sectioned the key elements of a chair into ''Seat," "Back" and "Head.'' In many cases, though not all, this allows the designer to play with fabrics in more ways than ever before.

 Panelling trend

3. Play on Legs

Another interesting trend we spotted at this year's show is play on legs. Many pieces are featuring a simplistic design with a twist on chair or table legs. Chunky legs on coffee tables taking center stage, like the ones on the Paw Coffee Table (as pictured below,) putting less focus on the tops. Tapering on chair legs have also become more creative.  Not just small to large, we also see square to oval tapering, and round to bubbles.

Play on leg

4. Colours

Pastel colours, such as pinks, greens, oranges, and yellows, were seen everywhere at Salone '22.  Bright, fun, and eye-catching, these springtime colours are a great way to enliven any interior, especially as the world emerges anew post-pandemic. Have you noticed a shift in colour trends lately? 

 Colour trend


5. Bouclés

Bouc is a type of fabric, typically of yarn, which features on the surface a series of looped fabric, giving it a textured appearance. Boucs are usually made of wool, though silk, linen, and cotton can also undergo a similar technique to create the bouc appearance. At the Salone del Mobile Milano this year, bouclé furniture had no doubt made a strong comeback, with coziness and creating safe spaces being one of the biggest design influences post-pandemic. Some of the pieces seen at Salone '22 featuring bouclé fabric include the Fleuron and Edelweiss chair (pictured below.) The texture of the fabric instantly adds an level of comfort to any seating furniture.

Boucles trend

Interested in purchasing some of these products? Be sure to check out our recent blog on our top furniture picks of Salone del Mobile Milano '22. In the meantime, why not sign-up to our newsletter or take a look at our latest product updates for more inspiration?

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By Tiffany Chan on 22/06/22 14:35
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