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Sofa Styles for the Hospitality Industry


The Hospitality Industry is all about making guests feel welcome, at ease and above all - comfortable. It is important therefore, to make informed decisions when designing for these types of environments, particularly, when choosing sofas. 

A powerful feature that draws guests in on first arrival, the type of sofa you choose is just as much about aesthetic as it is comfort. From contemporary curved backs to classic Chesterfields - we have rounded up our selection of styles, and how they might be used within the hospitality industry .

Lawson Sofa

Caprice Sofa Grey

The Lawson sofa is a relatively new design, the first created in the early 20th century and a derivative design of the Tuxedo sofa, below.

Adding a touch of 50s retro, the Lawson sofa is known by it’s simple silhouette. Unlike the English Roll Arm sofa, however, the back cushions are loose and separate from the frame, with either rolled or squared setback arms. 

Easily dressed up or down, this sofa is a bit of a chameleon and popular because of its softer, more cushioned look.

Hospitality Use: Typically found in residential properties, a Lawson sofa can be deployed to make a commercial space feel more like home.

View our Lawson Sofa range here

Tuxedo Sofa

Frame Sofa Red

The Tuxedo sofa is a sure-fire way to inject a touch of elegance into any design scheme. Timeless, yet modern,  tending to suit a more formal setting.

First seen in 1920's New York,  a Tuxedo has arms and back the same height. Clean-lined and geometric with a buttoned-up style,  the furniture equivalent of the suit it’s named after.

Hospitality Use: Anywhere it is beneficial to have a flat back, or tight fit due to it's 'boxy' design. Perfect for a hotel lounge or bar where a glamorous look is desired.

View our Tuxedo Sofa range here

English Roll Arm Sofa

Estelle Sofa

A timeless look and classically comfortable, the English Roll Arm sofa usually has loose seat cushions and no back cushions. 

Hospitality Use: Typical of English country houses, it has an informal feel and is a favourite of boutique hotels.

View our English Roll Arm Sofa range here

High Back Sofa

Pola Sofa Grey

The High Back Sofa can provide a more intimate, private option, with its back shielding users from passers by.

A great option for high ceilings and airy spaces, a high back sofa can also help balance a space.  Eye catching and the height of fashion, quite literally.

Hospitality Use:  Providing a dividing wall, these sofas tend to be popular in clubby environments or as private booths.

View our High Back Sofa range here

Curved Back Sofa

Guest Peninsula Sofa

A statement piece that adds a softer, feminine quality to a venue - the Curved Back sofa.  

Available in an increasing range of sizes, these are sofas that make statements in the middle of a hospitality space.

Hospitality Use:  A curved back sofa makes a great feature in a reception room or hotel lobby.

View our Curved Back Sofa range here

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

With roots firmly planted in Britain, the Chesterfield has been around since Victorian times and continues to be a popular choice for both its style and functionality. 

Easily identifiable by its tell-tale deep buttons, with rolled arms the same height as the back, Chesterfield sofas also have a well-deserved reputation for longevity. 

Hospitality Use: Reminiscent of Gentlemen's clubs and stately homes, the Chesterfield adds a touch of character to any setting, in particular private clubs.

View our Chesterfield Sofa Range here

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By Charles Nicholson Charles Nicholson on 23/06/21 10:03
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