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How should restaurant table tops be cleaned in the COVID-19 era?

Table Tops

Sanitizer v soapy water? We have the answer for managers of hospitality establishments.

Scientists accept that COVID-19 can exist for days on hard surfaces including most table tops; ensuring that the virus is not on your tops means removing and/or destroying it.

Destroying a virus is hearteningly straightforward, as it will fall apart when its membrane of fat and proteins is dissolved. Soaps, sanitisers and disinfectants will all do this, as will fairly concentrated alcohol. There appears to be mounting evidence that soap is the most effective of these.

Removing a virus from a table top simply means wiping the surface, which dislodges foreign particles. The reason why soap has been used for cleaning for so long is that it is extremely effective in assisting this process.

Soap is the most effective medium to use to both remove and destroy the virus and so we strongly recommend using soap as your most effective tool against COVID-19. Wipe table tops after every sitting, using warm soapy water, and wipe them also after periods when they have not been used.

It is also vital to emphasise that soap is the least damaging medium to use on a table top, particularly if the top is lacquered or bare wood. Alcohol, bleach, disinfectants and sanitisers should be avoided, particularly on timber tops for reasons highlighted here: Never Use Sanitiser On Wooden Table Tops https://info.thecontractchair.co.uk/blog/never-use-sanitiser-on-wooden-table-tops

If you are particularly worried that extra cleaning will damage your tops, or if you feel obliged to use a sanitiser, also consider using clear plastic layers that can be cut to size (this cutting is a factory process) and laid on a table top, so providing a robust layer protecting the actual table below it. As a guide, these currently cost around £40 for a small-ish table top.

Please do get in touch with us for more information on this subject or with any furniture enquiries.

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By Charles Nicholson Charles Nicholson on 08/06/20 09:51
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