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Tips For Specifying Bar Stools

ava barstool at a bar with tiled floor

Bar stools and low stools are an incredibly popular choice of seating for hospitality spaces. Here's a quick rundown of important points to consider before buying bar stools for a venue.

Bar stool seat heights

The following are commonly recognised heights for bar stools:

Low stool: 450-490mm

Kitchen Height: 600-750mm: This height is mostly for domestic environments.

Bar/Counter Height: 750-800mm:  This allows a comfortable working or eating position at standard height bars.

The gap between the bar top and seat should be a minimum of 250-300mm.

stool height guide

Bar stool bases

Bar stools are generally available with bases similar to those of chairs.

Pedestal bases can be floor-fixed or free-standing.

A swivel pedestal base can include a return mechanism, to automatically keep seat direction aligned with the bar.

All 4 legged stools at seat height 600mm plus, should/will include footrest or stretchers to support the frame.


6 images of different types of bar stools

Bar stool specifying tips

  • If you have revolving bar stools with backs, opt for return springs so they spring back into a standard position. This will maintain a tidy looking bar and your staff will thank you for saving them the work!
  • Stacking stools are available, but not common.
  • The weight of stools can be important, often to ensure they are not moved far from a bar.
  • Metal or plastic kickbacks are available with most stools to stop the footrests from chipping.

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