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Tips for Specifying Poufs

poufs for bars restaurants

Poufs are versatile seating options with great acoustic properties and they offer a great splash of texture or colour at a low price point. 2018 was a big year for poufs and will likely continue throughout 2019. As a result we have added a variety of poufs to our range to meet demand.

What's the difference between a pouf and an ottoman? 

  • Pouf - low soft seating (can be modular and in various shapes) but typically used as seating (not a footrest or small table)
  • Ottoman - typically used as a footstool (an extension of a sofa/divan for example), coffee table or hassock.  An ottoman is not necessarily just for sitting on.

Tips for specifying poufs

  • Poufs are perfect for creating casual spaces that require greater flexibility of use. They can easily reconfigured to provide extra seating in bars for different group sizes. They're also popular in breakout areas as they can be shuffled for lone working or group sessions.
  • Poufs that have a plinth base will ensure the fabric is not damaged by hoovers.
  • Upholstery details like buttoning, vertical, horizontal or patterned stitching, or adding fringe can add texture and make a pouf really stand out.
  • Due to their fully upholstered nature, poufs are great at absorbing sound and are perfect for spaces with wooden floors or high ceilings where you need to reduce noise to create a better ambience.
  • For round poufs make sure you specify fabrics that are flexible and not too thick or the pile will not be able to bend around the curves of the pouf leaving unattractive creases. This is particularly true of thick velvets.
  • Unlike fully upholstered chairs which can require a large amount of fabric, a pouf can often be upholstered in as little as 1m3. If you've got your eye on an expensive fabric but can't use it throughout the scheme, a handful of poufs will showcase it beautifully.
Goldy, Cairo & Pop

Goldy, Cairo & Pop

Alexandrie & Goldy

Alexandrine & Goldy

Goldy, Beardie & Alexandrine

Goldy, Beardie & Alexandrine

Alexandrine, Cairo & Beardie

Alexandrine, Cairo & Beardie

Beardie Goldy Close Up

Goldy & Beardie

Pouf collection

Pouf Collection

Product photos by Jo Magill. View our full range of poufs here, you or browse Ottomans here. Alternatively, check out the projects below for further inspiration.

Poufs featured in hospitality interiors

Poufs in Everyman Liverpool

Goldy Poufs with Hexagonal Stitching at Everyman Cinema, Liverpool. Design by Hudson Rock. Photo by Tom Lee.

Poufs in The Curtain Hotel

Goldy Poufs with large plinth (120mm) in The Curtain Hotel, Hoxton. Design by Eleanor Horwell Design. Photo by Justine Trickett.

poufs bowden hall hotel gloucester

 Pineapple Pouf in Mercure Bowden Hall Gloucester.


Goldy Pouf in Everyman King's CrossDesign by Hudson Rock. Photo by Tom Lee.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 04/02/19 14:29
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