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Top 10 Hospitality Furniture Products of 2017

At the end of the year we all like to look back and contemplate the events of the past twelve months and and get excited for the new year ahead. With this in mind we thought we'd write a round up listicle of the top 10 most viewed furniture on our website in 2017 and make a few predictions about trends for 2018.


1. Strike Barstool

The Strike Barstool has had a magnificent year. It has featured in several high profile award-winning designs including Clerkenwell Grind where the choice of millennial pink fabric and a brass finish to the steel frame was a perfect match for the indigo walls. Grind was the perfect example of a wider trend seen this year for darker interiors for darker political times, with splashes of bright colours such as pink that signify hope. 

Read more about the Strike Barstool or the Clerkenwell Grind Design.

Photo by Paul Winch-Furness.

marriott belgium galinha side chair

2. Galinha Side Chair & Armchair

The Galinha is a superb example of the continued popularity of mid-century modern furniture in hospitality design, a trend that shows no sign of slowing for the year ahead. It also shows the resurgence of darker wood stains. The Galinha  Armchairs in the Marriott Hotel in Ghent, Belgium is pictured here.

View the Galinha Side Chair or Galinha ArmchairCarrara Marble Table Top in Menagerie restaurant Manchester

3. Carrara Marble Table Top

It's been a big year for marble table tops with Carrara topping the list of most-viewed table top materials. This is undoubtedly due to the impressive impact it has on a dining area for its a very reasonable price point. Carrara table tops have often been accompanied by rich velvets or leather upholstery to give a decadent feel as seen here in the classy Menagerie, experiential dining restaurant in Manchester.

Read more about the design of Menagerie, Manchester or view Carrara Marble here.

Luxembourg barstool in white at Chiswick Fire Station

4. Luxembourg Barstool

The Luxembourg Barstool, seen here in white in the courtyard of No 197 Chiswick Fire Station shows the increasingly popularity of versatile chairs that can be used in different situations. This barstool can be used both indoors and out and is also stackable; this pub design also features the Luxembourg Barstool in black inside.

Read more about the design of  No 197 Chiswick Fire Station or view the Luxembourg Barstool here.

Photo by Mariell Lind Hansen.

ava chair in the swan southwold

5. Ava Barstool & Side Chair

The Ava Barstool & Side Chair feature a simple and comfortable design which reveal gorgeous upholstery perfectly. The Ava chairs also come with an popular set of customisable options such as split fabrics and metal caps on the feet as shown here in The Swan Hotel by Adnams Distillery in Southwold.  

Read more about The Swan Hotel's design or view the Ava Side Chair here. 

Photo by James Bedford.

Eileen armchair in MASH Copenhagen

6. Eileen 702 Armchair

The Eileen Armchair is similar to the Galinha in its mid-century modern style and is often specified in dark wood stains. Further, the seat back has a button-back detailing as well as having an exposed wooden seat back to accompany an upholstered front, both rising trends we've seen here at the Contract Chair Co.

Read more about MASH Copenhagen here. View the Eileen Armchair here.

Matador Armchair in Kitty Hawk London

7. Matador Armchair

The Matador Armchair is a fully upholstered chair with metal studding and a curvy frame. Decked out in plush velvet or rich leather as seen here at Kitty Hawk, London was a great choice for 2017. 

Read more about the Kitty Hawk's award-winning design or view the Matador Armchair here.

Photo by Claire Menary.

York Lounge Chair in student accommodation

8. York Lounge Chair

Yet another example of mid-century modern furniture, the York Lounge Chair has a beautiful angular frame and oversized cushions, for a combination of style and comfort. The York Lounge Chair was specified for a number of Student Accommodation projects, including the one shown, College Green in Bristol.

See more images of the College Green design here or view the York Lounge Chair

Photo by Claire Williams

character oak table top with metal edge

9. Character Oak Table Top

Wooden table tops have always been popular for hospitality spaces but recent years have seen a trend for creative finishes and decorative edging to give them a unique feel. This year in particular copper edges and metal studding we particularly popular. In East 59th sushi restaurant in Leeds, pictured,  the character oak table tops have a beautiful mild steel trim to their edges with a rivet detail, and outside the slatted iroko coffee tables have natural zinc edging. 

View the East 59th design here or learn more about character oak table tops.

Bullet Table Bases

10. Bullet Table Base

In the past a great table base was simply a base that held the top without wobbling, but now table tops are really coming into their own with more innovative designs. The Bullet Table Base has a rough and ready industrial design to it, like it's been freshly welded on the factory floor, and is a great example of why you should always look under the table top to see what's there!

If you like what you see here check out the Bullet Table Base or the even more impressive Bullet Gold Table Base.

So what's next? Our predictions for 2018 include a revival of chrome, copper and rose gold, more metal frames and capped feet, and a continuation of retro designs in velvet we've been seeing this year. Take a look at the Emy Barstool, Tonella Armchair & Holly Lounge Chair for examples of what we expect to see popping up in restaurants and bars in 2018. 

Interested in other furniture trends from 2017? Download the our Summer 2017 Style Guide for free or browse our resource library for other inspiring volumes including our brand new Look Book Volume II which features many of the projects above.

UPDATE: read this blog for the best hospitality furniture products of 2018.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 19/12/17 11:50
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