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Our Top Hospitality Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture cricket armchair

To celebrate the glorious summer days ahead our Sales and Account Managers pick their favourite outdoor furniture products. Their choices echo the current trends in hospitality outdoor furniture with a fine selection of woven and wicker chairs and products with tube frames as a feature, but also feature value chairs that will get an outdoor area looking great for less. You'll also notice a couple of swing seats included for good measure; it seems no one gets too old for a quick swing when they're out of doors!

cricket armchair

Cricket Armchair / Sixties Side Chair

The Cricket Armchair was one of the first chairs introduced to the market that had handwoven seat and back details before the woven trend really took off. The first project I did with this range was the great terrace space at Le Pont de la Tour (pictured top) which faces out on to Tower Bridge overlooking the Thames. It's also been spec'd for several Drake & Morgan projects including The Refinery, where it's a great companion for the vibrant yellow & orange Sixties Side Chairs.

Julie Connell
Account Manager

portofino side chair in yellow outdoors in jamies italian

Portofino Side Chair

I love its individuality coupled with the extensive frame finish and upholstery options that make the range so versatile. It's ideal for those environments that need to be inviting but not too serious! The bright yellow Portofino side Chairs in Jamie's Italian Covent Garden here are a great example of this.

And don't forget it's a great range for both indoors and outdoors!

James Ketteringham
Sales Director

tribeca side chair

Tribeca Side Chair

The Tribeca would be my choice, for its innovative design and colour palatte.  It's a modern interpretation of a classic sixties patio chair, cleverly designed to incorporate a nylon core inside the extruded PVC cord, offering tremendous strength and support once sat on.  Not only that but the PVC cord join seamlessly, you can not identify where it starts or ends.  Includes colours like ocean blue, terracotta and salmon-pink....dreamy.


Hooria Eltumi
Product Director

On the move

On The Move Coffee Table

Straight away the classic Bistro Metal Side Chair comes to mind. It is so simple and so timeless; a true outdoor classic. But I also love the new On The Move coffee and side table; there is nothing better than a handy side table to put your Aperol spritz on while you are enjoying the British summer! This little trendy table is so easy to grab and move around. Not only is the tray detachable, it's also spill-proof as well with the little rim on the edge. The perfect style to be combined with every type of chair.

Dessy Miteva
Purchasing Manager

karin armchair in drake & morgan's the happenstance

Karin Armchair

The Karin Armchair is bang on trend and the price is very competitive compared to similar style chairs. Just take a look at the other woven chairs featured in this blog, I bet the Karin comes in at the best price.

The Karin Armchair is pictured in anthracite finish on the terrace of The Happenstance, London.

Joss Gainford
Sales Manager

paradiso barstool

Paradiso Barstool

The Paradiso range has a great modern curved design with a clever cantilever base. Even with its metal structure the curved seat back and deep cushions give it the ability to feel cosy combining style and comfort into one good looking chair.

Tracey Tymon
Business Development Manager

tibidabo armchair

Tibidabo Armchair

Most woven furniture only has the back or seat pad woven but the Tibidabo takes it one step further as the synthetic rope is also woven around the base of the chair which makes it even more impressive and impactful.

Patrycja Zagojska-Munnings
Account Manager

roxanne side chair

Roxanne Side Chair

Roxanne gives a contemporary twist on those classic retro woven furniture designs but it's made from polyethylene wicker so it's suitable for outdoors. It's also got a really unique design where the wicker is bent into loops that fan out across the back. 

Maddy Jones
Sales Manager

Zahir Armchair

Zahir Armchair

I'm drawn to the Zahir armchair because of the eye design at the centre of the frame. It's instantly striking and memorable. It's also available in 17 different finishes and you can add a seat pad to it for extra comfort.

Zahir also fits with the trends we saw at  Milan this year where there were a lot of chairs with emphasised outlines, with a focus on silhouettes and shadows.

If you're looking for an eye-catching outdoor chair at an affordable price point then this is it. 

Hamish Dabbs
Sales Director

lapis armchair

Lapis Armchair

The Lapis Armchair is a teak wooden chair with a roundy frame, and the choice of a hand-woven or upholstered shell.

This chair is one of the most elegant chairs we have and it looks like an indoor chair but is designed for outdoor use. 

Berengere Favraud
Product Manager

cadiz armchair in blue

Cadiz Armchair

I love the clean design of the Cadiz armchair. The use of a smooth swoop of sheet aluminium to create the seat back and pad is particularly clever, as it results in a really robust and lightweight chair.  The chair is also available in a vast array of factory standard colours that will suit most hospitality colour schemes. 

Te-Wei Hong
Account Manager

loop armchair outdoor furniture 2019

Loop Armchair

The Loop Armchair is a wicker-style chair designed for outdoors,  available in either a synthetic rattan fibre or a polypropylene rope for an extra contemporary feel. It's also got a light aluminium frame it's easy to lift, stack, and store in the colder months.

Chelsey Albertyn
Sales Manager

heaven table

Heaven Table

The Heaven Table is a such a light web of fine lines, made even more airy because of the tinted glass top; perfect for hot weather. Available in several different sizes, it is perfect both indoors and outdoors, particularly in hotel terraces and lounges.

I would combine it with the Round Armchair (I have some in my garden - they're so cosy and well-balanced) placed by a pool somewhere near the glistening Meditteranean sea. Ahhh!

Ines Leisane
Account Manager

amaze bench

Amaze Bench

I love the Amaze Bench because of its organic shape and because it casts nice shadows. The bench is made of teak, a great looking outdoor hardwood which gives an impressive finish; perfect for any high-end outdoor area. As an added bonus it's also stackable. 

Sanna Jarvela
Account Manager

nautica swing chair

Nautica Swing Chair

The Nautica Swing Chair is a great fun, playful piece, perfect for that outdoor terrace or rooftop bar in the summertime.

Jo Magill
Account Manager 

porch swing

Porch Swing

My choice is the Porch Swing. I've always loved swings, and this is a perfect way to sit, swing, relax and enjoy the soft breeze while swinging and chatting to someone. 

Lina Kaonga
Bespoke Supervisor

parc rocking chair

Parc Rocking Chair

Parc is the perfect blend of great-looking Danish design, fun and functionality. 

The chair is "body-fitted" to follow the shape of the body and as a result, gives extremely high comfort levels. Made from teak it has a quality build that you'd expect from Scandi furniture. Parc is also very versatile as it comes in bench, rocking and dining chair versions, so it's much more than just a designer rocking chair. 

Sofia Linden
Sales Manager

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