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Suggesting Products

Even though we have thousands of products on our website with different customisations, sometimes this still isn't enough! If, after browsing through our extensive range, you still can't find exactly what you're looking for, but know exactly what you want, now you can add it with this feature.

11/08/17 13:34


Hotel Furniture Buyers Guide

From bedroom desk chairs, easy chairs to stools & sofas, hotel furniture has many different requirements; view tips for receptions, restaurants & bedrooms.

01/08/17 09:11


Hospitality Table Size Guide

The right table size depends on how many covers are required on each table and what the table is used for; fine dining or drinking will differ. Drinking requires less space than quick meals; fine dining requires the most space. To calculate how many covers will fit in a restaurant use this diagram.

01/08/17 09:09


Outdoor Furniture Buyer's Guide

For outdoor furniture choosing the right colours and materials matters even more than for indoor hospitality furniture. Black furniture can get too hot in prolonged direct sunlight, but it is equally important to avoid white table tops, which can cause an unbearable glare in the same circumstances.

01/08/17 09:09


Standard Table Height Guide

A handy list of standard table heights by type including poseur tables, console tables, coffee tables, dining tables and side tables. We also list other things you need to consider before ordering furniture for hospitality spaces such as leg space and space to push the chair underneath the table.

01/08/17 09:08