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Blog | Furniture care

Outdoor Table Top Options

Choosing table tops for outdoor use can be a difficult task. Some materials are better in terms of aesthetics and others are more durable. In this article we will explore the ways in which these materials differ and also delve into options for each, so you might find the best one that will suit your needs.

04/04/22 15:26

Interview with an Expert - Antimicrobial Fabrics with Ben Lewis

Recent health concerns surrounding the worldwide pandemic have generated a renewed interest in ways we can stay safe, clean and able to protect against infectious diseases- particularly within public venues and the hospitality industry....

20/10/21 10:44


Glides For Chairs & Why They Matter

Hard plastic or nylon glides are generally the best choice for chairs in hospitality environments but felt glides may sometimes be more appropriate. Find when to use which & watch our video on how to change chair glides.

19/07/19 10:38


Never Use Sanitiser On Wooden Table Tops

The number one cause of damage to wooden table tops in hospitality spaces is the inappropriate use of harsh cleaning products including D10 Sanitiser. Sanitisers break down the chemical properties of the lacquer causing it to soften; soft lacquer will peel and is easily marked.

11/02/19 11:34


Velvet & Velour Upholstery Care & Maintenance Tips

Contrary to popular belief velvet is not a high-maintenance fabric. Despite its delicate appearance, the fabric is well suited to contract use with regular cleaning. The biggest problem with velvet is that it is a dust magnet and that is can crease or 'bruise' but this is easily fixed, find out how.

07/05/18 11:30


Cast Iron Furniture Care and Maintenance Tips

Cast iron furniture is heavy, durable, and resilient so it's often specified for outdoors, but it can have a rough surface that's difficult to clean & can rust. Protect iron furniture by applying a suitable proprietary wax such as spray-on 'North Woods - One Touch Wonder Wax' once in a while.

03/04/18 11:43


Glass Tables Care and Maintenance Tips

Glass tables are simple to clean and maintain and are very strong. But if a glass surface is hit on its edge it can easily shatter. Here are our tips for getting the longest life from your glass tables.

19/03/18 11:54


Synthetic Materials Furniture Care & Maintenance

Synthetic materials tend to be tough and non-porous, so are easy to clean and will not harbour bacteria or mildew. However, they are generally susceptible to being scratched. There are many man-made materials used for furniture, with varying qualities. Some are tougher than others, all tend to be stable.

19/02/18 11:58

Leather Upholstery Care & Maintenance

Because leather is vulnerable to staining, finished leather is usually coated with both a colouring pigment and a clear protective layer. These provide significant extra protection making leather suitable for contract furnishing. Leather upholstery can have natural scars and is susceptible to stretching and bagging.

18/12/17 12:17

Contract Upholstery Care: Seating Fabric Cleaning Cheat Sheet

Different types of seating fabric are used on contract upholstery & while most can be cleaned with warm water and detergent, stubborn stains will need specific treatment. We look at the best cleaning techniques for nylon, polyester, wool & cotton fabric when upholstered on furniture.

05/12/17 11:37

Aluminium Chair Care & Maintenance

Aluminium chairs are light-weight, strong and resistant to corrosion, however, aluminium surfaces oxidise so furniture is often given a protective coating. Wax aluminium furniture using Collinite Metal Wax if it starts to dull. For a glossy appearance, you can use Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish.

20/11/17 10:17

Brass, Copper & Zinc Table Tops: Care and Maintenance Tips

Brass, copper & zinc table tops have surfaces which quickly tarnish, forming a distinctive layer, or patina. Here are the best cleaning methods. The patina increases over time and reacts with liquids and other materials to create a distinct aesthetic. Brass will tarnish quicker if exposed to heat.

06/11/17 11:05


Stainless Steel Furniture Care & Maintenance

All stainless steel will stain and discolour without proper maintenance and cleaning. Don't use strong abrasive cleaners, use steel wool, steel brushes or other cleaning materials that contain steel as these can all cause rust. . Here's how to care for your stainless steel furniture properly.

23/10/17 09:51

Painted and Powder-Coated Furniture Care

Here's our brief guide to paint and powder-coated furniture care to help you get a longer life from your hospitality furniture. Do you know the difference between the two? Paint is less robust than powder-coatings, and so painted surfaces often are protected with a layer of lacquer/varnish.

09/10/17 10:07

Chrome Furniture Care and Maintenance

Chrome is a resilient coating, typically electroplated to mild steel to protect it from rust & improve its look. However, chrome scratches easily. Don't use abrasive cleaners & don't use chrome furniture outdoors if it's not specified for outdoor use; chrome surfaces are susceptible to rust if wet.

25/09/17 12:00

Stone Furniture Care: Marble, Granite, Quartz, Terrazzo

Stone is durable, but also porous. The more porous it is, the more likely it is to stain. Here are our guidelines for stone, concrete & marble furniture care. Learn about acid etching which is hard to prevent, though applying sealants regularly will delay the formation of a patina.

11/09/17 12:29

Wooden Furniture Care & Maintenance

Wooden furniture care and maintenance is generally similar across different types of wood, but different finishes do need different approaches. Almost all contract furniture made of wood has either a lacquer or a seal applied to it knowing which is extremely important before you begin cleaning.

28/08/17 11:00

17 Common Causes of Contract Furniture Damage

Caring for and correctly maintaining your furniture could and should add years to its life. Looking after furniture also requires a positive approach; problems should be addressed immediately and furniture should be kept clean – a regular wipe tends to be better than an occasional scrub.

14/08/17 10:15


Outdoor Furniture Care

A bit of extra care will allow your outdoor furniture to look for longer. Plastic furniture, woven furniture, metal furniture, teak furniture and outdoor cushions all have different care requirements. Make sure you know which you need as some products can be damaging to certain materials.

01/08/17 10:36