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Furniture Highlights: Alternative Marble Table Tops

New materials are being created that replicate marble without its downfalls. So far, none are perfect, but depending on your requirements the two we're featuring today - Versital - marble look resin table tops & a new lightweight marble - have huge benefits for particular design requirements.

26/11/18 16:38

White Marble Table Tops: Carrara, Arabescato or Calacatta?

Calacatta, Arabescato and Carrara Marble are geologically all the same. Further, they all come from the same region and as a result can look very similar. Selecting the right marble can often be confusing use our guide to decide which white marble table top you're looking for.

05/11/18 11:25


Metal Table Tops Test: Waxed vs Lacquered

We undertook an experiment to test whether a waxed or lacquered finish provides the best metal table top protection. We took two brass table tops & placed different foods on them, then waited overnight to see which stains were most noticeable. We also performed a scratch test. Here are the results.

28/08/18 10:30

elica flip top table base

Avoid Using Flip Top Table Bases With Heavy Tops

Manufacturer guidance on table bases will always show the max top size they are suitable for but it's also important to consider the weight of the top. Certain tops including marble should never be paired with a flip top base, while iroko, solid core & others are only suitable with certain bases.

20/08/18 11:20

Verco table tennis table

Table Tennis Tables for Offices & Student Accommodation

Why buy a contract table over a standard ping pong table? Essentially, a contract table will give you a wider choice of size and style and added flexibility of use. We explore the pros, cons and possibilities for table tennis tables in offices and student accommodation.

13/08/18 12:27

veneer oak table top with metal edge

Never Fix Metal Edging To Solid Wood Table Tops

The most important thing to know about metal edging, is that it should not be applied to solid wood tops. This is because wood tends to move naturally and this movement can cause the edging to come away creating gaps.

02/07/18 12:00


Furniture Trends: Geometric Shapes On Table Bases

Forget classic pedestal bases, table bases just got interesting. Meet the new trend of geometric shapes on table bases that combine all the stability of a classic pedestal base with added interior intrigue.

18/06/18 11:17


2 Golden Rules for Specifying Terrazzo Table Tops

Terrazzo is a popular material for hospitality design, mostly because the attractive range of colours allow for an impressive appearance at lower cost than high-end marbles, but is it suitable for contract furniture use? Watch our acid etching test video and discover important specification tips.

14/05/18 12:13

Clerkenwell Grind

Furniture Trends: Thin Metal Legs in Brass or Gold

The fashion for industrial design is now being phased out in favour of a more comfortable style of furniture. Part of this transition is seeing metal frames with rough and ready finishes transform into a more elegant and even decadent style. We look at Clerkenwell Grind & Omar's Place as examples.

09/04/18 11:29

Glass Tables Care and Maintenance Tips

Glass tables are simple to clean and maintain and are very strong. But if a glass surface is hit on its edge it can easily shatter. Here are our tips for getting the longest life from your glass tables.

19/03/18 11:54

Ava Chairs in The Swan Hotel Southwold

Top 10 Hospitality Furniture Products of 2017

A roundup listicle of the top 10 most viewed furniture on our website in 2017 with a few furniture trend predictions for 2018 which include a revival of chrome, copper and rose gold, more metal frames and capped feet, and a continuation of retro designs in velvet we've been seeing this year.

19/12/17 11:50

Brass, Copper & Zinc Table Tops: Care and Maintenance Tips

Brass, copper & zinc table tops have surfaces which quickly tarnish, forming a distinctive layer, or patina. Here are the best cleaning methods. The patina increases over time and reacts with liquids and other materials to create a distinct aesthetic. Brass will tarnish quicker if exposed to heat.

06/11/17 11:05

Restaurant Table Tops: Marble, Metal & More!

Wood is often chosen for restaurant table tops but there are plenty of other options to choose from. Some are hard wearing but less attractive, while others are beautiful but brittle or easily tarnished. Here's a rundown of restaurant table top options including marble tables, metal tables and more.

30/10/17 11:58

Wooden Table Top Planks & Strengthening

Wooden table tops are generally made of planks of wood. These planks can have varying widths, giving the ability to make custom designs & can be reinforced with batons. Discover why open ended planks are used for outdoors, & why the direction of planks is important when joining tables together.

16/10/17 10:17

Wooden Table Tops: Finishes & Effects

As well as oil, stain & lacquering, certain surface effects like bandsawn, limed, fumed & charred are now applied to wooden table tops to achieve an impressive & unique style. See our standard oil & stain shades & learn different sheen levels possible when applying a lacquer to a wooden table top.

02/10/17 10:20

Furniture Highlights: Coffee Table Edition

Top picks of the furniture that's caught our eye in the past month, including a focus on coffee tables, some elegant beech chairs and a parade of elephants. From Code, Rio, Peyote, Laser, Billy & Sting tables to Sun, Moon, Lund, & Time chairs, there's plenty of new furniture inspiration for all.

05/09/17 09:35

17 Common Causes of Contract Furniture Damage

Caring for and correctly maintaining your furniture could and should add years to its life. Looking after furniture also requires a positive approach; problems should be addressed immediately and furniture should be kept clean – a regular wipe tends to be better than an occasional scrub.

14/08/17 10:15

What Top? Types of Wooden Table Tops

Wooden table tops are robust, last for ages, look better with a bit of wear and can be made to match pretty much any interior design scheme. We detail the pros and cons of different types of wooden table tops including beech, ash, oak & teak as well as the benefits of veneers and engineered wood.

01/08/17 10:58


Wood & Stone Table Top Edge Profiles

Most solid wood & stone table tops can be finished with your choice of edge profile. Our diagram shows many of the most popular table top edge profiles. We also give details of waney edges & metal edge options including copper, brass & steel and styles of application such as trim, band & overlay.

01/08/17 10:42

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide

Restaurant tables and chairs are vital in determining the look and feel of your eaterie. Appropriate styles & materials are essential for an effective ambience. Our quick guide will help you decide what chairs to choose for impact, materials to pick for soundproofing and appropriate space planning.

01/08/17 09:10