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Furniture Trends 2019: Tree Trunk Tables

stomp table

Similar to the hand-crafted furniture trend, furniture that readily shows the natural material it was made from is on the rise. Here using tree trunks in pillar form or as a slice works to remind people of their connection with nature and is a push-back against the fleeting nature of synthetic materials. 

Tree trunk tables: slice or stump?

Unlike traditional wooden table tops which are made from planks of wood, tree trunk table tops usually feature a circular cross section of the trunk with the bark removed, or a planed strip of the tree with a waney edge (the outside cut of a log with the bark removed).They more closely resemble the tree from which they came are often found as coffee tables rather than dining tables because the weight of the top would require a heavy base and the pair together would be difficult to lift due to the overall weight. 

However, if you want a dining table with a tree trunk feature then there are several tree trunk table base options available. Using a section of trunk for a table base has the added benefit of providing a weighty stability to the overall table, though the majority of tops paired with these kind of bases tend to be thin (often metal which can be simultaneously thin and strong) or the table will again be too heavy and difficult to move.

Pairing a thin top with a thick base also provides a striking contrast, as does the use of thin metal legs with a thick slice of tree on top. 

Tree Trunk & Resin Table Tops

A new twist to our range of tree trunk furniture is the use of resin to create stunning mixed material table tops. Our range features a bog oak and beech strips encased in a thick application of resin and larger planks with a filled resin gap and thin resin coating. Be aware that resin tables are impressive but are more expensive, so would be more suitable as an accent table or stand-alone interest piece. The higher cost arises because these types of top are extremely time-consuming to make. This is because the resin takes a long time to set and needs to be made in a strict dust-free environment. 

round beech resin table top

Round Beech Resin Table Top

rectangular beech resin table top

Rectangular Beech Resin Table Top

bog oak resin table top

Bog Oak Resin Table Top

oak central resin table top

Oak Central Resin Table Top

top view of poplar coffee table

Poplar Coffee Table

close up view of poplar coffee table

Poplar Coffee Table Close Up

image of italian walnut table

Spike Table

Close up of Italian walnut table

Spike Table close up

image of porcino coffee table and side

Porcino Side Table

porcino coffee table top view

Porcino Coffee Table

Brick table base in setting

Brick Table Base

Brick xs

Brick XS

chop coffee table

Chop Coffee Table

tentacle side table

Tentacle Side Table

Evento Barstool

Evento Barstool


Porcino Coffee Table in the meeting room of The Cam Foundry communal area, student accommodation, Cambridge by McLaren property.

Blog featured image - Stomp coffee tables.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 08/08/19 11:11
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