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Adding Detail With Waney Edge Table Tops

waney edge table tops on trestle base

A natural-looking table edge profile is called a waney edge, available usually on some oak tops. Also known as a live edge, a waney edge is the outside cut of a log, with the bark removed. 

Waney edge table tops have waney edges along two sides (by default this along the long grain), with square edged ends (across the short grain). They are available on square or rectangular tops only as it's not possible to have a waney edge on a round table top;  they have to follow the outside cut of the log.

The width of a waney edge can vary and a tolerance of 50mm (on either side) needs to be considered when choosing a top size. Tops are available in 32mm and 45mm thick. The edges themselves are robust and even if they are damaged, their rustic appearance tends to disguise this.

While oak (European or character oak) is the standard preference we are also able to offer beech waney edged tops and potentially ash.  Most other timbers (e.g. walnut, iroko) are supplied with cut edges, the waney edges having been removed at the sawmill.

Waney edges in hospitality design

Waney edges are usually specified for rustic or biophillic spaces where a connection to nature is being reinforced. Waney edges are sometimes seen as counter tops for barstools, and as accompanying display shelves, but less frequently as standard dining tables. Because two sides of the top must have straight edges it is still possible to line up square tables to allow for more dining configurations though this is not a particularly popular choice, possibly due to the extra cost.

Waney edges create a great focal point and as such they are more frequently specified as extra detail on single, large tables designed to stand out, such as tables for private dining rooms or chef's tables. 

Interested in other table top options? Read our blog on Wood & Stone Table Top Edge Profiles, there are lots available! Alternatively read our guide on choosing wooden table tops: What Top?


Bespoke Chef's Table made from character oak with waney edge in Core by Clare Smyth


Tables with waney edge on short edge & booth table with waney edge in Tonkotsu Stratford

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 20/06/19 12:15
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