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Avoid Using Flip Top Table Bases With Heavy Tops

flip top table bases

Manufacturer’s guidance on table bases will always show the max top size it’s suitable for but it's also important to consider the weight of the top you're pairing with a base.

We recommend the weight ratio to be in favour of the table base to ensure stability. This is particularly important when using metal, marble or other heavy table tops.

What top is suitable for use with a flip top base?

It's really important to avoid using flip top bases with heavy tops, particularly ones with a small mechanism – like the Elica and Ypsilon below. These bases are fine for light table tops such as werzalit & stainless steel, but if paired with a heavy top there won't be enough surface area to hold the table top in place when it is flipped up. Instead, table bases with a large mechanism like the Avanguard or the Equix would be a more suitable choice.

Elica flip top table base


Small mechanism - not appropriate
ypsilon flip top table base


Small mechanism - not appropriate
avangard-table base


Large mechanism - suitable for heavy tops
equix table base


Large mechanism - suitable for heavy tops

Stable Flip Top

The Stable Flip Top comes in two different sizes. The larger one is suitable for 800x800 tops and is more suitable for heavy tops than the version with the smaller mechanism. It is also fitted with double the amount of screws to hold the top securely in place.

The surface area of the spider is larger and therefore able to hold a heavy top in place. That said, there are still some materials that should not be used at all, even on these bases. Marble, other stone & concrete are all too heavy and should only be fixed to regular, non-flipping table bases.

If you definitely need a flip top base for stacking and storage, the best option is to pick a table top material such as iroko, zinc, solid core or slatted teak. While heavier than werzalit and laminates, these materials will be fine when paired with a flip top table with a larger base plate such as the Avanguard or the Equix above and still provide an impressive appearance. That said, there are some new laminates on the market that resemble marble very closely and would provide a brilliant solution if you require a marble look on a flip top base. (Keep an eye out on our blog for more on this topic soon)

What type of table top is too heavy for a flip top base?

Light  Heavy Too Heavy
Laminates, werzalit, some stainless steel. Iroko, zinc, solid core, slatted teak. Marble, granite, concrete.
Use with any flip top bases including those with small mechanisms Use with Avanguard or Equix flip top base or others with with large mechanisms.

Don't use flip top bases


For more information on getting the best table combination for your requirements read our blog on How To Choose You Table Bases or What Top, for more on table materials.

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By Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth on 20/08/18 11:20
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